Repeat Logo design logos for lots of companies in all different sectors. Blown Speakers are an organisation that required music logo design. Specialising in providing the rock community with all the latest news, reviews, interviews and podcasts. Based in the United States they tailor specifically to bands and artists from the country in order to keep a local feel to their brand. Being a music blog can be competitive so having a strong brand identity is very important. Blown Speakers wanted to get ahead of their competition by becoming a more recognisable brand, which would help them stand out in the ever growing music blog world.

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Building a brand identity is important in all industries. But no industry is more competitive and requires a strong brand identity than the music business. There are so many music news outlets out there today, it’s more important than ever to stand out in the crowd. Blown Speakers started to realise this. They saw that they were losing traffic on their website to new up-and-coming rock blogs that seemed more attractive. That is when they started to research what they could do in order to retain and gain people visiting them for the latest rock news.

Blown Speakers discovered that the best way to start to build a brand identity was through a professional logo design. Logos are the first thing that people will see when they visit the website and will also be placed on any merchandise or outside sources you use. If your logo isn’t appealing to your target audience then your business will suffer. That is when they found Repeat Logo – a professional logo design company that would be able to offer exactly what they were looking for. Blown Speakers got in contact with us and told us that they needed a logo that represented their brand.


First of all we had to do our research on Blown Speakers – who they are, what they do and the demographic of people that visit their site. We had previously designed music logos so had a bit of background in the area. Music logo design is important because it allows a reflection of your brand. It gives target audience members a feel for your company.

Once we completed our research we moved on to designing the logo. The first stage was to select the appropriate elements to incorporate in to the logo. We decided to go with a speaker shooting out bold lines. This gave the image of loud, abrasive music. Perfect for a rock centric company.

The second stage was how we would display the brand name in the logo. It is important for music logo design that the company name is clear, easy to read but will still stand out when you see it. That is where the decision to have “Blown Speakers” coming out the speaker came from. Although on its own the font on the logo won’t stand out, the design of the logo makes it eye catching.

Our main objective for the Blown Speakers design was to not overcomplicate it. We wanted it to be eye catching yet simple. Something memorable yet subtle. We felt like we achieved this in our 48 hour period. Blown Speakers were very happy with the design and are still using it to this day.

Blown Speakers Music Logo design

Repeat Logo will do logo design for any industry but particularly love doing music logo design. If you have an idea for your new logo, get in contact with us today.

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