Here at Repeat Logo we develop logo design for a range of different companies. Batch Small Bar is a coffee shop and small bar. They serve a range of alcoholic beverages such as a host of gins, vodkas and rums. They also specialise in coffees from around the globe as well as tea and other soft drinks. Whatever quenches your thirst then you will find it at Batch Small Bar. They pride themselves on their top tier customer service and the atmosphere that they’ve developed. Being a small business the atmosphere and returning customers are vital to their existence.

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It can be tough being a small business in the world of bars and coffee shops. There is so much choice out there and that means that not a lot of companies tend to survive. One of the best ways to steal a march on competitors is to develop brand identity. One of the most important factors of brands identity is its logo. It is the first thing that potential customers see and can draw people in to your bar. Batch Small Bar gave us a relatively loose leash with their logo as they didn’t have much success with their previous one and trusted our experience. They had just one request – it had to represent that they were a home away from home.


Bar and Coffee Shops can be difficult logos to get right. There is so much choice when it comes to places to go and grab a drink or catch up with a coffee. We needed to develop a logo that captured the essence of Batch Small Bar while also being appealing to people that had never been before.

The first thing we had to think of was making the logo relatable to the business. As Batch are a small business that rely on a loyal customer base that has created a desirable atmosphere, we needed to create a logo that felt homely. This was something that was important to the people at Batch as they feel this is what their company is all about. The design we came up with is simplistic but the font that is used really helps create that home away from home feeling.

Fonts for bars and coffee shops need to be inviting. When someone is walking down the street you want the logo to be appealing enough that people decide this is the place that they want to stop off.  We chose the font because it gave off that inviting, welcoming vibe that the company desired. It isn’t too professional or bold but stands out enough to be different from competitors.

One of the biggest things we had to do for this client was competitor research. It is vitally important in the food and drink industry to be diverse from your competition.

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So often you see similar logos and designs of bars that everywhere can look the same. We ensured that Batch got a unique, good-looking logo that would suit their brand.

This is one of the only bar logo designs that we have created. We are definitely keen to do some more. If you have an idea or want to know what we can create for you. Get in contact with us now.

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