Repeat Logo is a young, forward-thinking logo design company. Our clients are from various sectors, all coming to us for modern designs that will get them noticed. ATHPro came to us from the fitness sector, wanting something to reflect the energy that they put into their fitness business. The company wanted to make sure that potential clients see a brand that is professional and dynamic. With the fitness industry booming due to the rise of Instagram, as well as an overall increase in awareness of Health and Wellbeing issues, ATHPro wanted to step up to the plate and create a logo that will help them stand out from the masses.


As you will know, the fitness industry is growing and expanding into every facet of our day-to-day lives. ATHPro needed something dynamic and unique, something to help convey the nature of their business.  It was important to complete a thorough competitor analysis to ensure what we were producing for the client would be both original and stand out in this competitive market. Knowing what works and what doesn’t in this industry helps us to move forward with what we can envisage for the client.

Sleek, modern and bright. These were the necessities to make this logos stand out from its peers. The logo needed to work online, on social media and for physical marketing materials. We worked hard to produce a great quality logo for ATHPro.


Here at Repeat Logo, we always start with the competitor analysis mentioned above. Then, it’s a case of sketching out our ideas and brainstorming with our team to ensure we can come up with the best concepts for the client. At this stage, it’s important for us to consider the businesses’ ethos and their services. We also need to look at the desired audience and the demographic we would like to target.

Following our research, the team begin bringing some sketches to life, choosing colour pallets and styling. The team have a lot of creative freedom at this point in the process, allowing us to give as many ideas as possible to the client. In the end, we produced a set of bright, modern, structured logos for ATHPro which fully met their requirements and desires.

The process allowed the client to choose the version which they thought suited them best. We are very pleased with the result and look forward to completing more fitness logos.

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