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Repeat Logo design logos for a number of different companies. We helped Athlete Coaching develop their business through a brand new logo. Athlete Coaching are a company that specialise in athletics training to the very highest of standard. The service is not for novices and focuses more on gaining clients that are experienced in fitness training. Professional is one of the key words when it comes to Athlete Coaching as they provide the top level in fitness training. This is represented in their motto, “Every Day is Game Day”.


Athlete Coaching were finding themselves with a top level service but needing more customers. Their brand identity was yet to take off and left a lot to be desired. In order for fitness companies to be successful they need to put the energy in to creating a solid brand identity. After all, branding starts with the logo as it is the first thing that potential customers will see. A logo is especially important to fitness companies as it will be placed everywhere. Merchandise, clothing, equipment etc. should all have your brand on it.

The people at Athlete Coaching came to us and asked for a logo that would set them apart from their competition. They specified that they wanted something that looked professional while also being easily identifiable in what kind of fitness they are in.


There are several things that a fitness logo needs and we had to keep these in mind when helping Athlete Coaching. The first of these is that it needs to be unique and be easily identifiable for the customer. As it can help them to recognise what kind of Fitness Company they are. There are more ways than ever to work out and this has led to an oversaturated market. It was important that the design would stand out with people. That is why we went with a very sleek, professional looking logo. More and more often now you get logos that have very little text and this can leave people wondering what they do. We opted to incorporate a motto on to the logo as it helps people identify what sort of company Athlete Coaching is. A highly professional service, that offers top tier fitness.

The second guideline we had to follow was choosing the right colours for the logo. We bounced around the idea of putting some colour in to the logo. But ultimately decided to go with an all-black design. We felt that this looked more professional and tougher – something a lot of people want from fitness logos. It gives the logo that corporate feel that a lot of fitness companies are starting to go for. This isn’t compulsory for fitness logos but it was deemed suitable this time because it fitted in with the company aesthetic.

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Lastly but not least importantly, we needed to create a logo that was different from competitors. Standing out is one of the most important factors in brand identity. You want people to know that it is your company instantly. By using AC, Athlete Coaching and their motto on the logo it left little to the imagination. The logo is straight to the point and grabs your attention immediately.

We had a great time developing Athlete Coaching’s logo. If you are a fitness company that are in need of a fresh logo, check out some of our other designs and pointers to get you on your way.

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