Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. They provide logo design for companies in all different kinds of industries. Anchore Athlete are a company in the fitness industry. They specialise in weightlifting as a form of getting people in shape. Anchore welcome all different skill levels and body types. They run multiple gyms, all of which are kitted out with state of the art weights and lifting equipment. Also available at their premises are cardio equipment such as treadmills and cross trainers. Everyone is welcome at their gyms, but they want people who are passionate about exercising.

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Logo design is important for all companies. It helps to build a strong brand identity. All successful companies will have one thing in common, an instantly recognisable brand. If you think about companies such as Nike and Adidas, they can be instantly recognised at the slightest sight of a tick or three stripes. This is also just as important for fitness companies. In a world where there is now a focus on healthy lifestyles, the demand for businesses that provide fitness services has gone up. This has in turn made the industry more competitive. The need to stand out against competitors has gone up.

The management team at Anchore Athlete realised this. As they began to grow and run more premises, they needed to make sure that their brand grew as well. That is when they started to do some research, and ultimately found that a professional logo design would help them improve. That is when they got in contact with Repeat Logo. We discussed the direction that they wanted to go in – in terms of how they wanted people to see their brand. Once they had told us where they wanted to go with the design, we agreed to provide them with a fresh, new logo.


The first stage of any design process is research. We needed to look in to Anchore Athlete. Researching their current brand identity, their goals, what they provide etc. would give us a good starting point. It is also important to look in to what competitors are doing (in terms of logo design). Look at what is working for them and what isn’t.

Once this stage was done, we moved on to brainstorming. Anchore had told us that they wanted their logo to look professional. This gave us a good idea of designs to think of. We bounced around on several different ideas, before deciding on what the final design should look like.

We then had to sketch the final design. This was a fairly simple logo to sketch, so this part of the process wasn’t time consuming. This was the stage where we decided to incorporate the different shades of blue.

Lastly, we had to package up our design and send it off to Anchore Athlete. Once they received their new logo design they informed us of how happy they were with the final outcome.

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This was one of several fitness logo designs that we have done. Each one has provided us with a different, yet enjoyable challenge. If you have an idea for a logo, or just a question for our team, then get in contact with us now.

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