Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We design logos for companies in all different kinds of industries. AKTV are a company in the gym industry. They are a broadcast company that want to promote the benefits of regularly visiting the gym. Based in the Philippines, they started up in 2011. The aim of the company was to get people in the country interested in fitness – and in particular, visiting their local gyms. They operated in both English and Filipino languages in order to reach a bigger audience. Another way that they could do this is through brand identity.

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Building a brand identity is important in all industries. No more so than in the Gym industry. It’s vital that you are able to stand out from the competition. Becoming instantly recognisable by the sight of a logo is a cornerstone of successful businesses. You instantly know it’s Adidas by the three stripes for example. As fitness and health become more of a focus for our societies, the gym industry becomes even more competitive. AKTV realised that if they wanted their message to reach a larger audience, then they would have to build a strong brand identity for themselves.

AKTV done their research and realised that a new logo would give them a great platform to build up their brand identity. This is because a logo is usually the first thing a customer will see about your business, and is how they recognise you from thereon. When conducting their research about logo design, they found Repeat Logo. They got in touch with us in order to start discussing the steps they would take for their design. One of the first things we had to discuss was the direction they wanted to take. AKTV informed us that they wanted a simple design, but one that would catch the eye if people saw it.


The first stage of any design process is research. In this case, we needed to have all the information available on AKTV’s brand identity, their objectives/goals and what service/product they provide. It was also important to look in to what their competitors were doing (when it came to their logo design). This is done because it gives you the best possible foundation to build on, as you have the information you need ready for use.

Once this stage was complete we then moved on to brainstorming. This is the stage when you put your creative minds to work and think of ideas for the logo. Sometimes it will be the shortest stage, sometimes the longest. For AKTV’s design, the right idea came to us pretty quickly. This was helped by the simplicity of the design.

When brainstorming was done, we then moved on to sketching. Sketching the design allows us to make minor changes here and there before we know the design is complete. We will keep you in the loop about any changes that are being made, as after all, it is your logo.

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We will then package up and send the final designs off to you. This is one of the only Gym logo designs we have completed so far, but we’d like to do more. If you have an idea for a logo or any questions, get in contact with us now.

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