Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. The team of experts at the company have designed logos for companies in all different types of industries. 5 Star Dream Professional Cleaning Service are a business in the Home Improvement sector. The service that the company provides is an extensive clean of your home. They are available to hire out on a regular basis, or even for a one-off clean. Supplied with all the best professional cleaning tools, there is no mess that they won’t be able to fix in your home. Their experience and knowledge has gained them a great reputation in their field.

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Building a strong brand identity is important for all companies. No matter what industry you are in, having a solid identity will go a long way to success. This is no different in the home improvement sector. There are now so many companies out there available to the public. This means that it is more important than ever to stand out from competitors. Cleaning services for domestic properties has grown over time. This is because people now have more disposable incomes and less time. Meaning that they don’t have time to clean their homes – therefore are outsourcing this chore.

5 Star Dream Professional Cleaning Service realised that they needed to build brand identity. Marketing your business through word of mouth can only get you so far. The business realised that if they wanted to make a step up that they would have to build up their identity. Once they started to look in to it they found that logo design was a great way to start to do this. Logos stick in people’s minds, and are often the first thing a potential customer will see. It is vital that you make a good first impression.


The first stage that needs to be completed is research. We needed to learn about 5 Star Dream. Getting to know their aims and objectives, target audience and the services they provide is important. This is because it gives you a lot of information to base your design on. Another important aspect to research is their competitors. Looking at what they were doing in terms of brand identity and logo design would help. We were able to identify what aspects of their business were working and aspects that weren’t.

We then moved on to brainstorming. This is the stage when the creative juices start flowing. By working closely with their business, we were able to think of numerous ideas. It is important for a lot of businesses that their niche is displayed on the logo. This is because it makes it easy for potential customers to identify what they do instantly.

Sketching was our next step. We always sketch out any ideas first, because it means we can see them in front of our eyes. This means any minor changes that are required can be easily done. We then had to package up our design and send it off.

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This home improvement logo design was an enjoyable experience for our team. If you have an idea for a logo or any questions, then get in touch with us now.

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