At Repeat Logo, we are a professional logo design company. Businesses from dozens of different sectors have come to us looking for sleek new logos.  21st Century Rental came to us looking for a modern, eye-catching logo for their business in the property and hospitality sector.  Based in Tampa, Florida, this company manages properties for Home Owners in the short-term. This service is perfect for Home Owners looking to rent their home out to leisure travellers while they are not using the space. Using a property manager like 21st Century Rental will often come with a lower degree of risk, as opposed to going through other online platforms which may not offer the same guarantees. If you are considering sharing your home, you can be reassured that it will be returned to you in perfect conditioned, having been cleaned and inspected once the visitors have left. All individuals who work with 21st Century Rental- as Home Owners, Agencies or Potential Occupants- are screened and reviewed so you can be sure your home will be kept in safe hands.


Home rental is becoming a more and more attractive market with companies like Airbnb encouraging travellers to see the world, and experience it from the homes of ‘real people’. With this in mind, many individuals are looking to rent out their home to these visitors as a way to earn income on the space they were not using. 21st Century Rental saw the need for a property management company to take the hard parts off of peoples’ hands, and jumped.

In such a popular market, it’s important that your logo is modern, simple and also bold to make sure it stands out from the crowd. From this, you can get your logo seen, building brand awareness and letting people learn more about your business. Once you have a sleek looking logo, you can use it on just about every platform, electronic and physical. Use it for your business cards, and for your social media. For 21st Century Rental, we wanted a logo that would catch eyes and signify the stability that they provide to Home Owners looking to rent out their homes.


Here at Repeat Logo, the first thing we always start with is research. We need to know about the business’ ethos, their services and what their competitors have to offer. Target markets and desired audiences are a huge factor too. In the case of 21st Century Rental, they are entering a growing and modern sector with new, forward-thinking individuals looking to get involved every day.

Having completed the research, the team can begin to get some basic sketches together. This process allows us to be really creative and brainstorm ideas we have. Between our sketching and our thorough research, we are able to come up with a bright, fresh looking set of ideas to share with the client, 21st Century Rental.

Once the client has decided on their favourite prototype logos, we finalise the design, making it sleeker and more appealing with every small change.

The fresh colours and bold shapes of the 21st Century Rental logo added to our collection of property logos, and is already looking fantastic on the business’ marketing materials.


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