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Are you launching a new travel business and cannot decide on the company logo? Or is your current business going through a rebrand? Continue reading for tips and advice about selecting an iconic logo that will raise the bar of your brand within the travel industry.

The world today is a much smaller place, easily travelled thanks to modern travel technology and different modes of transport.  Whether you are a car hire company, a business orchestrating trips by train or bus or a travel agents there will be many other companies just like you selling the same services. Consequently it is vital that your business has that unique flair setting you apart from all others.

Your company logo is the aesthetic manifestation of your brand. Therefore it is important that it clearly signifies what your service is but also incorporates that personal flair. At Repeat Logo we offer specialised design services for that purpose. Our logos will be the ideal representation of your brand.

Competitor Research

Research is key to this stage of the travel company logo selection process. As previously mentioned you will have multiple competitors. Find out who they are, what the brand is and the logo. You should ensure not to duplicate the icon of any other brand in your industry. You should familiarise yourself with other companies that have the same services as you. This will help you find your unique selling point and possibly help with the design of your company logo.

Choosing the icon

Your brand name could be the best place to find inspiration for your company logo icon. For example if you are a travel agents specialising in holidays to hot climates and your brand name is Sunny Escapes then your logo should incorporate a sun icon. If your brand name is not so definitive then focus on your speciality. A company that arranges train journeys throughout Europe could incorporate the European flag and train imagery. Originality is key at this stage. Although there may be a competitor with a similar icon to yours you need to make it different. Otherwise you may need to go in a different direction for your icon.

Travel Company Logo Design

Now that you have chosen your travel company logo you need to consider the details of the design. A well designed logo that is memorable and representative of the brand will make the process of marketing that much easier. Colour and font can be implemented to help your brand stand out amongst your competitors. An important thing to think about is affiliations with colour.  If you own a travel agency you don’t want to apply drab or pale colours such as grey or black as this does not communicate the theme of the brand. A travel agents aims to invoke a sense of excitement and exoticism in your customers. Therefore reds, oranges and purples all bright and bold would be more suitable.

Marketing your Travel Logo Design

In the travel industry there are more opportunities to market your product over a wider spread area. Such as at each stage of the journey. There should be merchandise available during transit and at the destination.  This acts as a constant reminder for the customers that your brand made this journey possible. Considering where your business marketing will be displayed. Also, what kind of merchandise would be beneficial should be considered when designing your travel company logo.

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