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Ask any supporter of a sports team and they will in no uncertain terms tell you, their logo matters. The history behind the coveted logos behind some of the biggest sports franchises in history and engrained in the minds of fans all over the globe. The tradition which comes with certain sporting logos is unparalleled in comparison to other logos in industries around the world. The importance of the logo is vital to the image presented by the team and can be spotted on the uniforms, merchandise and even displayed proudly on the side of stadiums at the elite level. In short, whether its designing one from scratch or making changing to existing ones, it matters. It matters to those who have sworn an allegiance to their favourite team and tinkering with their team’s logo should be approached carefully. Here at Repeat logo we know what makes an attractive, appealing sports logo and are happy to help you plan, design and create your very own.

The Brand

Getting a sports business logo right has a host of different necessities to make sure the final product is a successful one. Keeping the brand in mind is of great importance when either changing or designing a logo from scratch. Presenting the correct colour schemes and appropriate font is vital in ensuring that the logo is representative of the sports franchise. Researching what the customers want is an important aspect of this in your quest of creating the perfect sports logo. To get the ball rolling, simply let Repeat know what it is you are after and they will be happy to help.


Getting tradition right is one of the most important things to consider when designing or changing a sports logo. A delicate topic if making amendments to an original, heritage is a touchy subject which is likely to cause controversy if not handled with care. If designing from scratch however, you can create your own process which with the help of Repeat could someday become tradition in its own sense and be associated with cherished memories. Fair warning however, tinker in the wrong sense and beware of backlash from those fickle fans who may not take kindly to change.

Be Inspired   

Existing logos of sports franchises can be used for inspiration in the process of designing your own. Whether it’s taking ideas from the shapes and sizes or colours and fonts of others, looking at what is visually appealing and what is not is a useful exercise in the process of designing the perfect sports logo. Modelling your online logo based on sports logos based within the same sports sector may be the catalyst for launching your logo into the public eye. Why not get some advice from our specialists here at Repeat and have a look at some of the high quality logos on offer.

Keep the Sport in Mind

Most industries in the sporting world have a look which is consistent throughout the logo spectrum. It is fairly easy to identify a British football logo from an American basketball logo. Traditionally logos from the same sports are fairly similar in what they include in their design. The colours and other aspects may be different however, the main design is usually consistent when looking from brand to brand. With this thought in mind having a look at what a typical logo within your sports category can be an effective task which could go a long way.

Don’t over Do it

The worst thing that can happen in the logo design process is that too much is crammed into too little. Simple is usually always good. Taking a minimalistic approach to things may suit your design or maybe you prefer something a little more abstract. Whatever your choice, avoiding cluster when it comes to designing a sports logo is of great importance as a clean, simple design will likely go a long way. Whatever the design, sport or idea, Repeat logo have a portfolio full of eye catching logos to help you in your design process.

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