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Top 10 Elements of Designing a Logo: Radio

The design process of any logo involves stages which have to be carefully considered in order to reach a satisfactory final product. The experts at Repeat Logo can assist you in this process and are happy to let you in on the trade secrets of an experienced UK logo maker on what makes a great engaging logo. The elements involved range from a variety of factors which if handled appropriately can give you the professional product you are after. With this format we will use a Radio styled logo to use an example to things you may wish to consider in the design process.

1) Template

Choosing the correct template is a good way to start and get the ball rolling. Think about what the overall style and persona of the logo will be and try and mould the template for there. The example of a Radio Logo would involve thinking of associations of things linked to the topic.

2) Branding

The branding of the logo can take many forms and it is ultimately up to your requirements. Repeat is open to communication to give you an idea as how to implement your brand onto your logo. A strong brand can be valuable when designing a logo and would give you that professional look that your competitors may be lacking.

3) Shape

The shape which you will choose for your logo is another selection open to your wishes. Whether you want to go with something big and bold or small and sleek, the choice is yours. In the case of a radio styled logo, something that is unique and likely to catch the eye would be an effective choice and be useful when attempting to stand out from the competition.

4) Size

The size of your logo can be dependent on a variety of factors all of which can be produced to suit your needs. Radio themed logos would be useful to be versatile in their size as the logo could be featured on a large scaled premises such as the exterior of a building or on a smaller scaled range to be represented on a mobile phone app.

5) Colour Scheme

One of the most enjoyable stages of the design process is choosing which colours your logo will employ. Whether its bright and bold or dark and discrete, the colour options can be altered to suit your logos needs. A radio logo would be recommended to use bold eye catching colours to attract the customer’s attention.

6) Symbols

Including symbols into your logo can be a great asset to your design and if applied effectively could give your logo the necessary requirements to stand out. Symbols associated with the logo’s style would be advised to make the coloration between the two topics. When a customer sees the symbol they automatically think of your business.

7) Text 

Selecting text in a logo can enhance your design in a number of ways. If your logo is not established with your target audience, the use of text could act as the link between the customer knowing which brand is being represented. A radio logo could be used as an example as it may feature the name of the company. Creating a company logo design would allow audiences to know what radio station is being represented.

8) Ambience

The general feeling garnered by your logo is an element which you may have to carefully consider in order to end with a polished final product. Does the colour scheme match with the text? Are the shapes and symbols appropriate for the size of the logo? These are some of the questions which you should ask yourself in your process in order to achieve an appealing representation of your business.

9) Simplicity

A sound word of advice when it comes to creating a visually pleasing logo is to keep it simple. Do not try and fit too much into too little. An idea of simplicity relating to a radio themed logo would be an appealing colour scheme with a couple of logo and text elements. Short and sweet.

10) Presentation

As the design process nears its conclusion, the final stage involves choosing the most effective way of presenting your finished product. Whether it’s on a business card, brochure or on the side of a bus, the way you present your logo is of paramount importance and can determine how successful your logo performs.

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