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Packaging Logo Design

One of the most important facets within a brand is the company logo. The reason for this being, the logo is the visual, exterior representation of the brand. The brand is the message you give to your customers regarding your product, services, beliefs and essentially who your company is. The company logo is the depiction of your brand. When the customer sees your logo it should call to mind all the qualities that make up your brand. Therefore it is important to have a logo that relays your business message. At Repeat Logo we have logo design styles that will cater to your brand and business.

How to build a professional packaging company logo design

If you have a solid grasp on your brand then you can easily achieve the ideal company logo for your packaging business. By detailing your brand and any logo design ideas you have, our professional logo designers can create you a couple of options using innovative design technology. You can then select from these options or use them as a base to combine and develop your ideal packaging company logo.

Things to consider when creating a packaging logo design

Packaging is an essential part of modern day living. It is something that consumers take for granted. Everything comes neatly contained within a specific wrapping that has been selected precisely for that particular item. Although packaging is commonplace in the eyes of the public it plays a huge role for corporations who need to package their goods. Therefore creating a brand, and subsequently a logo that is attention grabbing and memorable for your customer is vital in establishing a successful business. When defining your brand you should ask yourself what makes your brand different from every other packaging company? Why should your customer choose you? Your company logo is an opportunity for you to highlight the answers to these questions. Every time your customer sees your company logo they should be reminded of your brand and everything that it represents thus encouraging a sale.

Packaging Logo Design

In correlation to emulating your brand, your logo must also be readable and memorable. It should look good in a variety of sizes. Due to the nature of your product you can afford to be bold and creative in order to attract attention.


Font is an important factor in company logo design. Your font should be bold and easy to read. If you can you should incorporate your brand ideals into the font as well. For example if you are a new company within the industry and have innovative ideas then your font could be unusually striking. You could use unconventional font, as long as it remains legible. By using new and exciting design you will attract customers who are looking to invest in the future. Conversely, if your company has been in the industry a while and is known as the reliable, longstanding and traditional brand then your font should use a customary font. By doing so you will evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort in the customer. This could drive sales as customers will know they can rely on your brand.


Colour is another way to grab the attention of your customer. Using bright colours is a good way of making your packaging company logo stand out. Again, images or graphics used as part of your logo would help to make it unique. Incorporating humour into your icon would be ideal for a packaging logo in order evokes strong emotions in your customer. For example you could use a cartoon figure holding packaging. This will separate your brand from all others and make it memorable. This will increase your chances of winning the sale.

If you would like to use our logos for your business then you can find out how it works and see some examples throughout our website.

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