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A guide to creating a professional logo design for your Nightclub

For most popular nightclubs, a strong, short and snappy name that rolls off the tongue is a winning brand aspiration. Your professional logo design should be an obvious depiction of your name. It should also look impressive while lit up against the dark backdrop of the city. Simplicity is definitely a good choice as illumination will be easier and more effective. Repeat Logo can help you design the ideal business logo for your brand.

How to get started with nightclub logo design

At this stage you should have already finalised what your theme is. Also which type of customer you are looking to attract. Within the nightclub industry style is the definitive factor in determining everything else about your business. Including who your customers are, what music you should be playing and who you will employ. Also how your staff will dress, what drinks you will serve and what kind of service you offer. All these factors should be reinforced by your company name, and your professional logo design is the emblem of that name. Have a look at our logo design styles or read on for hints and tips about logo design.

Marketing with your Professional Logo Design

The process of creating a professional nightclub logo design differs from many other types of business. This is because the essence of a nightclub is the style. You must always be thinking about who you want in your nightclub. Thus also considering if those types of people would be happy associating with the brand. Marketing plays a huge role in this. For example, posters and flyers should be distributed throughout the city. Customers might have to arrive with an invitation or pass to be admitted entry. Upon entry you will stamp the customer or give them an entry band. The shape and size of your professional nightclub logo design must be suitable for all types of marketing. It must also be appealing to the customer.

Nightclub Logo Design on Merchandise

Furthermore you may supply merchandise as part of a promotional campaign such as mugs, keyrings, t-shirts or hoodies. This could be for staff or customers. By giving out free merchandise to students you are investing in them as loyal customers. If the professional logo design is iconic and valued amongst your customers this boost sales of merchandise. It also increases the numbers that will wear your merchandise thus further and continuous marketing. Style your logo to suit your customer thus ensuring higher demand.

Lighting up your Professional Logo Design

The differentiating quality of owning a nightclub compared with most other businesses is that you operate at night. Due to this predicament your logo design must be visually accessible to the customer regardless of the season or weather. When deciding on the type of lighting for the exterior of your building you will again need to refer back to the style of your club. Whatever atmosphere you are trying to create internally must be reflected externally also. Will an 80’s neon sign scribed with your name be appropriate? Would a vintage light box effect be more on brand? Whatever you decide your logo design must be lit up as well. This is why simplicity might be the best option.

Nightclub Logo Icon

If your logo design is a typical icon such as a tiger head, don’t get bogged down with the intricate details of the image. Get the outline and standard defining features, just enough to be identified by your customer. This means less problems trying to illuminate the logo or depicting it with lighting. Furthermore a simpler logo design will much better handle being shrunk when placed on merchandise. This will allow you wider options for this marketing prospect. So when choosing your professional logo design always use your club style as the foundation of your decision and where possible choose the simple option for design. This will lead to more variety in your marketing and design options.

How it works

We can come up with several options for your logo based on your brand and the style want. Have a look at our logos for inspiration then get in touch to start your design plan.

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