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Increase your awareness with our professional music and DJ logo design services.
The majority of successful DJs have proven that they can produce a DJ logo that fits their style of play and techniques.

Whether your goal is to play at large venues, weddings, gigs, nightclubs or establish yourself with local radio stations, your biggest challenge as a DJ is to build brand recognition and a logo which event organisers and booking agents will remember.

To succeed in this logo design task, it’s important to cultivate a real DJ logo which focuses on your style and image – this is the traits that make you unique when compared to the millions of other musicians and DJs.

Personal branding within the DJ industry is rapidly beginning to take off, there are still a large percentage of hobbyists and individuals who don’t have a DJ logo. So right away, you can quickly and easily set yourself apart from the masses by creating one. Plus, it establishes you as a professional, automatically leading others to take you more seriously. Here’s how to get started.

How to create a fresh, unique DJ Logo

A DJ logo maker can be used to quickly and stylishly create a dynamic image that not only catches the eye but also provides a series of clues related to the specific genre of music you specialize in – from classic rock and country to R&B, rap and electronic.

Here are five quick tips to help define your DJ logo and create an image that’s as noticeable as the music you play.

1. Select appropriate elements

Like any finely-tuned brand image that caters to a specific niche, the elements you choose should be a reflection of your genre. As a DJ, if you’re into classical, soft rock or something like Top 40, select smooth, elegant fonts. On the other hand, if you specialize in hard rock, techno, electronic or a similar brand of highly-frenetic music, use fonts that have sharper points and corners to reflect the edge in your personality.

2. Design something that’s easy to read

As a general logo design rule, a horizontal DJ logo design is much easier to read than a vertical one, especially in gig venues. This will enable your fans to clearly see your brand name, always remember it, and follow your bookings via a website or email so they can find up at your upcoming nights.

3. Don’t overkill the logo design

The majority of successful DJ logo designs are those that focus almost solely on the brand, using the font, and text as a major form of artistic expression. Those that do include graphics add minor details such as music related symbolism, for example: headphones, turntables or musical notes to make the logo design much more interesting.

4. Pick the right colours

No matter what style of music you play as a DJ, you are providing an experience that lasts a night and is deemed as fun. So, it is always best practice to choose bright and energetic colours from the primary colour set, such as red, blue, yellow & green. Also, for simplicity and to be cost effective, when it comes time to print, limit yourself to three colours.

5. Stay away from strap lines

A creative DJ logo makes for a memorable image and conveys the music itself through symbolism and short text in the logo design stage. Strap lines can kill a DJs logo design.

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