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If you have had a look around recently you will realise that the world is glued to their smartphones and the majority of us spend hours a day with our heads staring down at our mobile phones. It’s an unavoidable fact that today’s modern society takes great interest at whatever is happening on their 6-inch screen and will pass the time browsing to their hearts content. The mobile app has a significant role in this charade and here at Repeat Logo we aim to take a look at what attracts us to those apps and the logos used to represent them.

Be Unique

The first thing to consider in the design process of your mobile app logo is how you can stand out from the crowd. With the millions upon millions of apps already out there, thinking of a unique professional logo design can be challenging however should you prevail, the rewards are endless. From the Facebooks to the Snapchats, the logos are synonymous with their brands and are used to represent the style of their app. Be creative with your process and get advice from the experts at Repeat on what will give you an instant hit with your fans, followers and customers.

Be Simple

A good word of advice when it comes to selecting the right mobile app logo is to not over complicate things. Try not to cram too much into what will eventually be a small scaled icon. Think of the established apps and the simplistic nature if their logo and use this as inspiration in your design. Using past designs, Repeat Logo will help you manufacture your online logo to fit the personality of your app and keep you satisfied with your product. Keep it simple, a couple of elements be it colours, text or symbols and you won’t go far wrong.

Be Appealing

The market of mobile apps is a very saturated field with a lot of content already out there. To stand out from those not in the know, use visually appealing design elements to boom from the rest of the pack. Bright colours, amusing symbols, creative text, the list is endless and full of ways that are guaranteed to get what you desire and allow Repeat to present to you a logo that will not go unnoticed.

Be Proactive

Once the design of your mobile app logo is nearing its conclusion, a good piece of advice would be to keep your ears open and gather feedback based on the designs you have at hand. With this valuable information at your dispense, any tweaks or changes that you wish for can be implemented at your disposal. Initial testing of your app logo may be something that you wish to consider to get a better idea of how the public may react to the launch of your mobile phone app. Don’t let the knowledge and expertise of the Repeat Logo staff go to waste and get their feedback on your launched logo and with some luck your app maybe one of the stand outs of the digital age.

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