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Do you have a manufacturing business and are looking to revamp your business logo? Or is this your new business and are still at the brand development stage and looking for ideas for a logo? Repeat Logo can offer you a variety of different business logo designs. Our logos are creative and innovative and visually appealing to your audience.

The main purpose of a logo is to communicate to the customer the products and services offered by the business. A manufacturing business logo should be a representation of the brand. Your brand is your message to the customers. In other words why the customer should choose your business above all your competitors. Therefore you should try to incorporate your unique selling point into your logo in some way. The three elements of business logo design are font, colour and imagery. You should think carefully about your brand when choosing each of these elements for your logo. We have a variety of business logo design styles to choose from. Before you find out how it works, read through our advice for designing a manufacturing logo.


The font you choose for your company name is very important. They key thing to remember when choosing your font is legibility. Can your customer read it? Bold lettering is best for your business logo, where possible. The longer your name the less creative you can be with font. If your name is short or perhaps your business is known by initials then you can afford to have an atypical font to express individuality and stand out from your competitors. Naturally if your name is long then it may be best to stick to standard bold font on order to increase readability.


When choosing the colour scheme for your logo it can be fun to experiment with different shades and colour combinations. However it is important to keep in mind the purpose of your manufacturing business logo at this stage. Remember what your product and/or service is. Although you want to be unique amongst other brands in your industry, the colours in your logo should still emulate your brand ideals and your business type.


Choosing a graphic to incorporate into your business logo is slightly easier. There may be obvious choices depending on what your products and services are. At a basic level you should choose a brand icon based on one of your products as long as it is easily identified and recognised by your customers. If you sell individual parts for complex products then your options may be more limited. Also try not to pick anything too intricate as it needs to look good blown up and shrunk down. Keep it simple.

Competitor Research

Researching your competitors is valid at all stages of business development. It is equally important when designing your manufacturing business logo. Be aware of all your competitors. Take a note of those who have similar names to your company, whether in length or letter. You need to avoid having a similar font to these brands or else your customers could get confused. The same goes for colours in regards to all of your competitors. This could be slightly more difficult depending on your products and services, as there may be limited options for colours that symbolise what you are selling. In likeness to colour scheme your competitors may have the same choice of imagery to represent their business. Trial and error with alternate element options will help you come to a final decision.

The final stages

After discussing your brand ideals, your logo ideas and thorough competitor research we can provide you with different options to choose from. The ultimate goal in business logo design is coming up with something that is both fresh and relevant. When catching a glimpse of your logo your customer should instantly think of your brand and everything is represents.

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