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Coming up with a company logo is difficult – especially when looking at health logos. For all types of health logos; dental logos, a pharmacy logo or creating a hospital logo design, the logo designer should know that one of their main jobs is to help people understand the service available. If this is achieved, then the health logo has essentially done its job.

A health logo should convey the message of the business and the service they provide. One aspect to pay attention to when looking at health logos is the colours which are used. Quite often a health logo features colours which would suggest care and security. These colours are typically blue, green, red and grey. The health logo should clearly represent the medical service that they provide. Repeat logo provide cheap logo design which is consistently high quality and delivers a strong brand image for all of our clients.

Health Logo Design

A good health logo design should be clean and bright. When anyone enters a health or medical practice they expect a high standard of hygiene, therefor this should be evoked by the health logo design. One colour which is often used in health logo design is green. This is because green has connotations of immortality and positive function. Green means go, it conveys a positive message to people and this makes it a fantastic colour to use in your health logo design.

Different Types of Health Logo

When looking into creating a health logo design you must consider the type of service you need a logo for. Are you interested in finding a dental logo designer? Or perhaps you need a basic healthcare logo for a hospital or doctor surgery. Here we have listed some of the types of logo we design.

Hospital Logo Design

Hospitals are one of the most vital services in our society. It is here that people’s lives are saved, babies are born and important research is carried out. Therefore, it is crucial that your hospital logo design represents the institution well. It is key that the word hospital is clearly shown in the hospital logo design, it needs to be clearly identifiable for people looking for it as they may have an emergency. Quite often a medical cross is featured on a hospital logo design to make it easily identifiable and stand out.

Dental Logo Design

Typically, a dental logo design would always feature some form of tooth as an image. However, for many modern dentists this has become a cliché. Many dental logos are now more unique and abstract, in order to stand out from their many competitors. Although many want their dental logo design to have no sign of a tooth, in order to move away from the previous fad, some wish to still involve some tooth imagery but have it disguised in a clever, arty way. No matter what type of dental logo design you wish to pursue, we have highly skilled business logo designers to make your vision come to life.

Pharmacy Logo Design

Pharmacy logo design is one which can also be varied. The term ‘pharm’ is usually featured somewhere within the pharmacy logo design to ensure that customers can identify you easily. One trend that has been consistently popular within pharmacy logo design is to feature pill imagery. This is a good option for those who don’t want to use the word ‘pharmacy’ as it still allows your services to be easily identified.

Have a look through some of our logo design styles to see what you might like to incorporate into your new logo.

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