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From Brand New Business to Pre-existing Rebranding: Logo Design Advice

Whether you are just starting out or have been running your business for quite some time, the importance of having a strong, iconic logo is great. Your business logo is the first impression that your customer will have of your company. Therefore it should be representative of the brand. In other words it should communicate what your business is all about. Repeat Logo can help you design the ideal business logo for your brand.

For a hairdressing business there are many avenues to go down in terms of design. Unless your salon has a speciality or niche style such as retro styling.  Within the non-specialist hairdressing industry, competition is high due to sheer numbers. In addition, most salons offer the same services. However your brand should strive to communicate why the customer should choose your salon over the many others that are in the same area. Your unique selling point should be reinforced by your business logo. Have a look at our logo design styles or read on for hints and tips about logo design.

Highlight your unique selling point into your business logo

This could be a great idea for an icon.  If you offer a treatment or service that is unique you could create an icon to represent it for your logo. Always ensure the icon is not too intricate in design as it needs to be recognisable. It also needs to look good large and small depending on where your business logo will displayed.

Incorporate the salon style into the logo

The style of your hairdressing salon could range from sleek to lavish to vibrant and edgy. Whatever the style it should be the essence of your logo. Not only will this attract the right type of customer but will evoke a feeling of familiarity and identity with customers new and returning. For example a salon that promotes vibrant hair dyes and trend setting cuts then you should incorporate bold fonts and bright colours into your logo. Alternatively if your brand is more classic with a focus on special events such as bridal styling then you should incorporate more neutral tones with softer shapes.

Presentation of your logo

Particularly for this industry, the presentation of your logo will have a huge effect on your customer’s impression of your business. Most people take a lot of pride in their appearance and are surrendering their control over to you. It is vital that the customer feels assured that you take the upmost pride in your work. Also that you have the creativity and skills necessary to make them look fabulous. Similar to maintaining a clean and tidy salon interior, your salon exterior should be equally pristine. This includes you logo. It should be clean, professional, easy to read and clearly visible.

Don’t overdo it

Simplicity is always a winning design when it comes to logos. Think about how many brands people see every day whether purposefully or inadvertently online. They see brands while walking down the street, while driving, taking public transport or watching TV. Also branding on other people such as their clothes, accessories or perhaps they have a branded carrier bag. In most cases the customer is not actively searching for your brand, it is placed in their sightline by chance. Either by product placement or as an ad online or TV. The point of visual contact will be over in seconds. Therefore you want a simple, clean and bold brand that stands out. This will achieve a more memorable effect. This may be disappointing if you have a luxury brand that wants to create a sense of opulence and elegance. However there is always a solution to be found.

How it works

We can come up with several options for your logo based on your brand and the style want. Have a look at our logos for inspiration then get in touch to start your design plan.

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