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Creating a Custom Logos for Your Design Business

The industry of design is all about the image that you can present to your customers. If what you put out there in terms of presentation is lacklustre, the customer may make similar judgements in regards to the service that you provide. Creating a professional image for your design business not only lets you stand out from your competitors, it gives your customer base the idea that your practices are of the highest quality.

Presentation is vital in the world of design and what better way of showing the world that you mean business by having an appealing corporate logo. Have a look at our extensive portfolio of design logos to get an idea of the service we provide.

Top Tips

  • One of the first tips in relation to creating a design logo is to make sure that your logo is representative of your business identity. Design organisations should give off the impression that they are polished and refined to reflect the work that you produce. Think of elements that would create this ambience and let us at Repeat know and we’ll help you along the way.
  • Another aspect of your logo design which you may want to consider is the colours that you will use. Aim to make sure that the colours you use are attractive and stand out. A professional logo that will catch the eye while remaining captivating. When thinking of design, we tend to think of bright, artistic colour schemes which would be a good starting point when thinking of which colours you want to include in your logo.
  • One of the most important aspects of a design business is being creative and innovative when it comes to your content. Why should your corporate logo be any different? Flaunt the artistic talents of your design business and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Making your logo stand out in any industry can give you the competitive edge you need to rise to the top. Be inventive with your design process and ask Repeat what advice we can offer to give you the finished product you desire.
  • Durability of a logo design is something that those in the field know is of great importance. This refers to if the logo can stand the test of time and whether it can maintain its professional look over generations. To make sure your design logo holds up don’t rely on fashionable trends that are in vogue at the time as they may become outdated over time.

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