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Choosing a cosmetic company logo that is unique can be tricky. Considering there are thousands of cosmetic brands out there, being original is challenging. There are many make-up brands that simply use the brand name with distinct font and colour scheme. An example of this is the iconic MAC logo. If your brand name is longer in length than this example then it might be an idea to incorporate some kind of icon or image. The icon can be placed on small packaging instead of the full title. This will make it easier for the customer to identify the brand much faster on products such as lipstick or nail polish. For these particular items you may have to wrap the logo around the product. In this case it may be you have to use a much smaller font.

How to choose your logo

There are several points to consider when choosing your logo.  Repeat Logo have a variety of logo design styles to offer your company. Below are some hints and tips to designing your logo.


Choosing colour is an important step in creating your logo. In particular for cosmetics the colour may have to change depending on the product. In many cases the packaging will be transparent in order to display the colour of the product for the customer. Therefore your cosmetic company logo may have to change from dark to light depending on circumstances. At this stage in the process you could choose a few brand colours. All these colours may not be on your official logo however could be incorporated into the packaging. Therefore these colours will become and inherent part of the brand. This could help with the transparent packaging as it gives you more options.


Your choice of font should reflect your brand and your unique offering. Is your brand all about bold and vibrant looks such as multi-coloured eyeshadows and glitters? The font should reflect this. If your brand is more of a classic aesthetic, this should be represented. However the longer your brand name the more simple your font should be as it needs to be easy to read. Ensure your cosmetic company logo is legible. Our logos are always easy to read.

Easy to Read

When choosing each part of your cosmetic company logo it needs to be clear and well defined. Bold lettering is a must, especially for cosmetics. Your products come in tiny packaging, think concealer pots and eyebrow pencils. Your cosmetic company logo must be legible on the smallest of products.  If you are using an icon or image, again this shouldn’t be overly intricate. The reason for this is it won’t be recognisable when shrunken down to fit your smaller packaging. You should avoid any graphics or font that could be distorted when resized.

Appropriate Elements

Choosing appropriate elements for your cosmetic company logo seems obvious however it is possible to get it wrong.  Some new businesses get caught up in the design process ending up with a fantastic, unique logo that doesn’t really run true to the brand or product. Remember you are a cosmetics company. Therefore your brand and cosmetic company logo aesthetic is extremely important in forming your customer’s impression of your products.


As mentioned before the task of coming up with an original idea that has not been done before may be difficult for a cosmetics brand. This is due to the sheer amount of competitors who are all essentially selling the same products. In order to stay original do as much competitor research as possible. Be aware of other brand logos and try to avoid something that is too similar. Brand name and font will play an important role in this aspect of the logo design process.


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