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What to consider when designing your coffee shop logo

Your logo design is a key aspect of developing your brand identity. Consider that the brand is the definitive representation of your entire business. Once your brand has been established it will communicate your business ideals to your customers.  With that in mind the logo is the symbol of your brand. It is the visual manifestation of your brand and in turn your business. It will be the face of the company. So it is important to tie in with the brands ideals. Repeat Logo can help you design the ideal business logo for your brand. Have a look at our logo design styles or read on for hints and tips about logo design.

Logo Design Process

The logo of a coffee shop should be striking. This is so that it stands out to new customers and be easily identified by returning customers. If you have a coffee shop then your ultimate business goal is to sell coffee. Therefore it is crucial to have this incorporated into your brand logo design. However you may have a selection of secondary goals for your business. For example the atmosphere you want your coffee shop to host or a specific type of coffee you want to sell. In turn there are multiple ways to present coffee aesthetically.

Your logo design should tie in with the aesthetic of your store, which should be on brand. You want your logo design to have connotations with your brand ideals and your store theme. For example, do you want your coffee shop to feel like a home away from home? If so it should feel warm, inviting, familiar and relaxed. Your logo design must also incorporate this theme. In other words by using bright and warm colours, perhaps with a homely mug or teapot icon. The font should be bold but could appear hand written to add a relaxed touch.  Alternatively if the unique selling point of your coffee shop is your use of fair trade, organic and cruelty free products then your logo must symbolise that. You could apply green colour and images of foliage. The font could in this case be more innovative since your brand is forward thinking.

Customer and Competitor Research

An important part of logo design is competitor research.  Ensure you are aware of the logos of coffee shops in the same area and which have a similar theme.  You want to stand out amongst the rest and definitely not get mistaken for a competitor. While you are deciding on your design bear in mind who your customers are. There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself. What does my product do for the customer? What emotions will they typically be experiencing while using my product? What time of day or in what circumstances would they use my product.

As a coffee shop owner your customers are typically looking for a hot caffeinated beverage to kick start their morning or warm them up on a cold day. They could be meeting a friend or a date. Your coffee shop could be the location of a business meeting.  Your customer might have a hectic day and need a boost of energy before their next appointment. Regardless of the “why”, the “when” is an important factor in each of these scenarios. For a first time customer your logo design should clearly represent your product so as to instantly link supply with demand. Further, when a returning customer is on the hunt for your logo amongst a busy street full of brands yours must be dynamic and well defined. Due to the type product you are selling, your customers should experience a sense of relief when their gaze falls upon your logo.

How it works

We can come up with several options for your logo based on your brand and the style want. Have a look at our logos for inspiration then get in touch to start your design plan.

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