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Are you an avid blogger? Are you looking for a creative blog logo designs maker who can create a creative and interesting logo for your blog, a logo that presents the theme of your blog? You have come to the right place. If you are looking for professional logo designs ideas to create a blog logo on your own, you can find multiple ideas and also the elements in the logo that you must focus on, in order to make a 100% unique and creative logo that makes your blog appear interesting to your target audience.

If you have a blog that shares your journeys around the world, you can use a compass to represent your blog so that your audience instantly knows that your blog is about your travels and has something different and cool to offer them. When making a logo for your blog, you can also use a cursive font with a pen, so that it represents someone who is writing the blog using a pen, giving your logo a more human touch and uniqueness.

If you want more people to read your blog, the way you communicate with your audience must be engaging enough to hold their attention. Therefore, if you start off with an exciting logo, you might attract more audience to your blog. Another more important factor in blog logo design is the imagery. The logo maker must use attention-grabbing imagery that is not only attractive but showcases the genre or theme of the blog.

How to Make a Visually Appealing Blogger Logo?

If you are looking for blogger logo ideas, you can search a number of blogs that are the same niche as yours and sees how they have utilised their logo to attract more readers across the Internet. Following are some of the most important elements that you must work on in order to create an attractive and visually appealing blogger logo designs.

1. Choose Imagery On Your Blogger Logo That Defines Your Blog’s Genre

What is your blog about? Is it about the latest Android phone? Does it provide latest coupons to customers, or does it talk about latest movies? Whatever the theme of your blog may be, the most significant part of your blog is the logo that does not only represent the name of your blog but also represents what your blog is about. You may use a smartphone image if your blog talks about the latest Android phones, or a film reel if it discusses the latest movies.

2. Use Typography in A Fun and Unique Way On Your Blogger Logo

Being an informal medium, you can use a variety of creative fonts to complement your logo and make it appear interesting, innovative and creative. There are a number of fonts that you can use to represent your blog, you can also go for Serif and Sans Serif, whichever font represents you blog niche better. The more creative the font, the more attention your blogger logo will attract.

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