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Whether you have been running your beauty business for some time or are just starting out it is important for you to build your brand identity. In order to do so you will need to think about the services you offer and what kind of company you want to be. In other words what your declaration to your customers is. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors and what makes you unique. Once you have come to a decision about your brand you will need to decide upon a beauty logo. We can offer you a range of logo design styles to choose from. Here are some tips on how to create an iconic beauty logo design.

Select Appropriate elements

When selecting the elements of your beauty logo you should always refer to the services you offer. You should ensure the featured elements are relevant. For example does your business specialise in waxing and skin treatments? This kind of service is quite an intimate experience for the customer. Therefore there will be an expectation of qualified employees and a professional salon. The interior design of the salon should communicate professionalism and discretion. Similarly the exterior and therefore the beauty logo should incorporate this as well. You could achieve this by using clean, sleek typography and refined colour scheme. The sophisticated and elegant design will evoke professionalism in the business. It will also encourage trust from the customer. Conversely if your company is predominantly a nail salon then you can afford to be bolder in your beauty logo. Perhaps by incorporating bright colours or patterns and using an atypical font could reflect your brands innovative and creative flair.  You could also use a nail polish image or similar graphics to emphasize your services in the logo. We use imagery in our logos to display innovation and creativity.

Differ from your competitors

There are many beauty salons in every major city. Usually there are several to be found in any town or densely populated suburban area. Therefore standing out amongst your competitors is imperative to success. Your brand will tell the customer why they should pick your beauty business over all the others. Selecting an original and striking beauty logo could tip the scale in your favour. Research all of your competitors, local and otherwise, to ensure you stand out from the rest but also to avoid the taboo issue of being accused of stealing an element of another company’s brand.

Versatility in your beauty logo

While you are deciding on your logo try to keep in mind that it should be readable and easily recognised by your customer. Keep it as simple as possible without losing that creative flair or brand identity. To put it another way, try not to have an overly complicated or intricate design. This logo should look good blown up or shrunk down. Even if you are just starting out and only offer standard services right now, in the future you may branch out to producing your own beauty products and merchandise for trade. Will your beauty logo look good on different products? Will the colour scheme still be effective? You should use elements that are versatile in order to increase brand longevity.  Furthermore, always keep your customers in mind when creating your beauty logo. Keep in mind what your target customer is looking for within a brand and try to emulate that in your design.

If you are ready to get started then you can read through our website to find out how it worksRepeat Logo designs are innovative and versatile. We always strive to give you the ideal logo for your business.

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