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Facebook, Google, FedEx, what do these three giants have in common? They all have a text logo design. The design world may have come a long way, however, some businesses just suit a text logo design. Text logo designs are not boring, in fact, pulling off a text logo that doesn’t have any images can be extremely difficult – luckily logo design styles are our expertise.

What is a Text Logo?

Let’s re-cap. A text simply is fairly easy to understand and visualise. In most cases, a text logo includes the company’s name. They are effective as they communicate who the brand is instantly.

Text logos are often referred to as word marks. When you think about it, a number of corporate giants use word marks due to their flexibility – they can be printed in different forms, shapes, colors and sizes as per the requirements of the business.

To name a few, CNN, IBM, Disney, NASA, Dell all use a text based logo. Both text and abstract logos can be beneficial, it is up to you to decide what is best for your business, product or service.


Text logos appeal to such a large audience as they are incredibly simple, think of Facebook’s logo. The brand is used worldwide and their logo can be understood by the majority of its users. Text logos are straightforward, with no hidden messages. Some businesses prefer this as their customers can easily memorise the brand name.

Instant Recognition

This leads us on to the next benefit of text based logos. There is no guessing games with this type of logo athey offer a business immediate recognition. 99% of the time text logos contain the name of the organisation, and when it comes to beating any competitors, there will be no confusion in the minds of your customers, who your business is. Some customers prefer a text based logo they don’t have to think too hard when they look at the logo. Making your customers life a little easier is a benefit right out of the gate.

Easy to Remember

If you are a startup business a text based logo could be the best type of design for you. Did you know that in comparison to other forms of logos, text more memorable? If you choose an image logo that doesn’t have a clear message, it will not stay in the mind of your customers. In most cases, remembering a name can be easy, especially if it is a clever catchy brand name.

What types of fonts are there?

If you are looking for a logo, we can only assume that you have the name of your business decided. The next step is choosing a font. We are often asked what type of fonts do we use. The Short answer is, A LOT. At Repeat Logo we have access to hundreds, thousands, millions of fonts.

Let’s start off with the basics and look at font typeface:

Serif: Serif fonts have “feet” or lines attached the ends of their letters. More traditional companies use this type of font as it serious looking.

Sans-Serif: “Sans-serif” means “without serif”. Sans-serif fonts are loved by millennials as they look incredibly minimalistic. You will never find extra lines on the ends of letters, giving text logos are more modern and streamlined approach.

Script: Scripts look great if you want the appearance of a hand written logo design. Script logo designs generally have connecting letters.  We have hundreds of script fonts to choose from and they come in many different styles, from elegant, to fun and casual, to hand-drawn.

Why do font choices matter?

The font of your logo could make or break your business – really. What you think may be the best font ever could be completely awful in the eyes you’re your customers, that is why you should always use a professional logo designer, who has experience with design and branding.

Typography is the first thing your customers will see at a-glance. From your logo your customers will gain a first impression that clients and potential customers will judge your business by,

It is true that font choices often set the tone for the whole design and can influence viewers’ feelings toward and interactions with your design. For example, if you need a logo for your financial business you would never use a novelty logo. You would want your customers to take you seriously as they are trusting you with their hard earned cash. A Financial business would potentially use a serif font as it is more traditional.

Bad typographic choices always distract from your design’s message and intentions. We have worked with businesses across the world and the UK, talk to us today about what type of font your brand should be using.

Not sure where to start? This next section will get down to the nitty-gritty of choosing and using fonts with easy-to-understand explanations and practical tips.

How to Choose a Text Logo?

We advise all of customers that they should choose a text logo with a font that pairs with the message your business wants clients to read. If you are rebranding, it is always a good idea to brainstorm some of the qualities or characteristics that you want your design to communicate. If you are starting out, look at brands you admire and have a think about what their logo has to say about their business.

If you need time to think over your design concepts which we provide – no problem! Take as much time as you need, it is important that you choose the right typeface for your business. If the characteristics the font is communicating doesn’t match the message that your brand is giving out, then there will be a visual disconnect for the viewer. This is something that every business should try to avoid.

Choosing a font can be incredibly difficult as we are often attracted to font as they may be fun or interesting. This may be your personal preference but try to keep your business head on when browsing fonts. We would advise that you always get a second option. A font you think is good looking may not be useful or appropriate for the project you’re working on.

When choosing your final text logo styles, ask yourself if the font supports the qualities of your brand.

Text Logos Are Extremely Useable

When choosing a text logo ask yourself two things, will the font you’ve chosen work the way you want it to and is it easy to read?

Rushing into a logo design or making a logo design at home is one of the most common mistakes that beginners make, as many start-up businesses launch their logo without testing it properly.

We have touch on this previously, but text logos are excellent for using on a number of platforms. Your text logo will be added to your business card design therefore you should make sure that it is easy to read when it is small. It will also be used in social media graphics; therefore, you should also choose a logo which can be seen clearly on a digital screen. These are just two things you must consider when you are choosing a text logo design.

Combining Fonts

If you would like we can design a logo which combines to different fotns. This is unusual but it is not unheard of. When you are choosing two or more fonts to use together can be tricky, however we can give you a selection of concepts to browse through. If this is something that you are interested in then we can choose fonts that complement each other.

Which Type of Logo Design is Better?

At the end of the day, when it comes to logo design styles, the decision is yours. We can design a range of logos for you with and without imagery. In most cases, our customers are unsure of what they want until they see it.

As we have said before, text logos are brilliant if you want your business to get immediate recognition. Netflix started off with a text logo and look how far they have come! Now that their business is in high demand they have altered their logo and created an icon version.

Both text based and abstract logos come with their own advantages. For years’ companies have been using text and abstract logos, changing between the two – just look at Starbucks. We love logos, therefore it is hard for us to say which one we prefer. If you would like our professional opinion, we would be happy to talk this through with you. Our team of text logo designers can come up with a list of creative ideas that are tailor to your businesses needs and desires.

We can help you create a unique logo which is bound to impress clients. Always remember that your logo is a tool which you can use to sell your products or services. At Repeat logo we can help you create something that will not be easily copied by a competitor.

Order Your Text Logo

Simply give us enough information about your business and we will be in touch with text logo concepts. Our logo designers will offer you designs which best match your sector.

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Pro Package

Do you know exactly what you want for your logo design? Then the pro package is an excellent choice for you. If you would like to upgrade your logo we can make the changes which will bring it into 2017.

Here at Repeat Logo, we can provide you with a professional logo that represents your company and what it stands for. Find out more about our Pro Package now.

The Pro package includes:

  • 3 Logo Design Concepts
  • 5 Logo Revisions
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Advanced Package

Many businesses choose our advanced package as they want more options when choosing a logo design. Remember a well-designed logo can contribute to the success of any business.  Here, at Repeat Logo, we can offer you a professional logo that meets any requirement.

  • The Advanced Package includes:
  • 5 Logo Design Concepts
  • 9 Logo Revisions
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The Enterprise Package

Getting your logo perfect to the way you want it may require several attempts and we are happy to help. Remember that your logo is your way to express your company’s identity and is a visual symbol of what your company stands for. Here, at Repeat Logo, we can design a company logo that is perfect for your business, which also meets all of your requirements. The Enterprise package includes:

  • 8 logo design concepts
  • unlimited logo revisions
  • branded stationery included

We provide revisions only when you have chosen a concept. If you wish to revise any of the logo concepts, then there may be additional costs depending on the package which you have chosen.

SEE OUR pricing options

We have a pro package, advanced package and enterprise package.