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Simple Logo Design

When it comes to designing logos, even simple ones it can be a difficult and frustrating process – especially for those who don’t come from a design background. If you are wondering how to design a simple logo which can still be effective, then it could be beneficial to hire a simple logo designer. Repeat Logo have designed hundreds of different logos – some simple logos, some creative, some retro. The truth is we have designed almost every type of design style you can imagine.

In doing so, we have come up with a simple logo design for many different types of businesses in different industries, so no matter what type of business you run, a simple logo designer from our team can help bring your dream logo to life.

Representing each of our clients well is what is most important to us.

This is why a simple logo designer from Repeat Logo will work closely with you, from concept to design to ensure that your simple logo is exactly what you had hoped for.

Even creating the simplest of logos can be different, as you still want to make as big an impact with it. This is where we come in, Repeat Logo have the skills it takes to create a simple logo which delivers a strong brand image for your company. The first stage in getting your simple logo design is to select a package from our website, fill out a design brief to give us an idea of what you do and what you are looking for. A simple logo designer from Repeat Logo will then create an initial design concept for you within 5 days. At this point you are then entitled to make as many adjustments as you like, free of charge!

What is a Simple Logo?

When looking at your overall branding, your logo is probably one of the single most important aspects. It will be what people first notice and what they will associate with your business forever. Therefore, it is important that your logo represents your business accurately. Once way to achieve this is with a simple logo design. A simple logo is one which is essentially uncomplicated, often clean and with minimal information on it.

Although you want your logo to be unique and stand out, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be overly-complicated. At Repeat Logo we can design a simple logo which is also eye-catching and unforgettable.

If you are looking for a simple logo design for your business then get in touch with Repeat Logo, we have many different logo design styles for almost every type of business and will work with you every step of the way to create your dream logo.

Simple Logo Design – The Basics

Before you come up with a concept for your simple logo design there are a couple of key points which you should consider to ensure you don’t make any of the common mistakes associated with simple logo design:

Stand Out

Even though you have a simple logo design that doesn’t mean that it has to be a wallflower. Having a simple logo can almost make it easier to stand out, keep it to the point but bold.


This is also fairly easy to achieve with a simple logo design. Simply ensure that you stay away from any current fads to ensure that your logo will last for a lifetime and not become outdated.

Keep it Relevant

In having a simple logo design it should be relevant to what your business provides, if you try and be too off-the-wall then it may backfire and simply confuse people.

Be Original

The reason for the success of many brand logos, like Apple is due to them being unique, not copying everyone else. If you want to stand out from your competitors, then make your simple logo something completely new to the world. Innovate, don’t follow.

Don’t be Predictable

It is a good idea to not give everything away at a first glance with your simple logo, you want your consumers to have an idea about what you do without giving it all away.

Why You Should Have a Simple Logo Design

Any brand expert will know the key qualities that an effective logo should have and one of these is simplicity. In using simplicity in your design style you can achieve clarity and will allow your logo to be read quality and easily, leaving a lasting impression. Some of the most famous logos of all time have been incredibly simple. Take McDonalds as an example. They use one single letter on one single colour for their whole brand identity and have been hugely successful in this. All over the world people recognise the whole company by one simple letter. This is a great example of how effective a simple logo design can be.

The Benefits of Having a Simple Logo

It has been said that there are 5 key benefits to having a simple logo design:

Clear Message

If you have an overly complicated logo your brand message can become lost. If you keep a simple logo design it will allow your message to be easily communicated and won’t confuse your consumers.

Easy to Remember

A simple logo is far easier to recall than a cluttered one. The reason for this is that a logo which is complicated often includes a large amount of information – therefore making it harder to remember.


This goes hand in hand with the above comment. If you have a simple logo it will be easier for consumers to communicate this to other people who may be interested in what you sell.

Quickly Remembered

A simple logo is easily recognised in the users’ mind, this much is clear but this also means they will spend less time reading it and will still be able to recall it should they see it again.

Difficult to Copy

If someone wants to counterfeit your design it will be more difficult as any copycats will be quickly and easily recognised. A complicated logo can be easier to copy if there are many elements to the design. One small element can be changed and then used by another company.

How to Design a Simple Logo

As with all logo designs, if you are wondering how we design a simple logo there is a timeline which is followed. When you select Repeat Logo to provide you with a simple logo design, there is a process that will be followed. Initially you will select a package from our website and fill out a design brief, it could be a good idea to have a look at our logo design styles to look for inspiration. Once we have received your design brief, a simple logo designer from our team will come up with an initial design concept for you within 5 days. During this time, we will conduct some research into your industry to see what your competitors are doing, this is important to ensure that your logo stands out from your competitors.

After you have received this initial design idea you will be able to make as many alterations as you like at no extra charge. This is a service we provide to ensure that you have the peace of mind in knowing that we will endeavour to make your simple logo everything you envisioned, with no hidden costs.

Our Clients Simple Logo Design

When it comes to how we do business, how customers are the most important aspect of how we operate. We understand that when it comes to your simple logo design you want everything to be perfect and as your simple logo designer, we do to!

We aim to surpass your expectations when it comes to your simple logo design and in order to do this we will work closely with you to ensure that your vision comes to life in the way you had hoped. The most important part is that by the end of the process you are completely happy with your simple logo.

It is for this reason that we offer free alterations on every simple logo design. That way you can relax and not stress about any extra costs whilst we perfect your simple logo.

Simple Logo Design – Who Repeat Logo Design For

We understand that having an effective simple logo is important to standing out against your competitors. This is why we ensure that we create a simple logo design for you which will stand out against the crowd and give you a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Throughout our website you will find various logo design styles and find examples of previous logos we have designed, for many different businesses; from restaurants to car garages we have designed for almost every type of business. If you can’t see your type of business amongst what we do, then get in contact with us anyway. We will have a simple logo designer create a design concept for you, which you can then make alterations to.

Hire a Simple Logo Designer

If you are wondering how to design a simple logo and don’t know where to begin then this is a common problem. Designing your own logo, no matter how simple it is, can be a stressful process for a business owner, especially if they don’t have any design experience. It is at this stage you would hire a simple logo designer. A simple logo designer can make the process stress free, a simple logo designer can have your initial design concept to you in less than a week after submitting a design brief. After this point your simple logo designer will work in collaboration with you to make any changes which you feel will improve your simple logo design.

You can have peace of mind knowing that as many changes as you like will be made to your simple logo, free of charge. As long as you are happy with your simple logo design by the end of the process, that is the most important thing.

Get Your Simple Logo Design Started Today

If you are looking for a simple logo design, then don’t waste any time in getting started! Fill out a design brief for Repeat Logo today and take the first steps. This will then be assigned to a simple logo designer who will work with you to make your dream logo a reality! They will initially work with the information you have provided and get started on creating your dream logo. Remember, all adjustments are free of charge. This isn’t a service provided by many logo design companies so choose Repeat Logo for a simple logo design which doesn’t have to break the bank but will look extremely high quality, unique and eye-catching.

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