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For years we have been creating retro logo design which set our customers apart from other businesses in their industry. Retro designs are extremely popular, however, we make sure that our customers leave with evokes feelings of nostalgia in anyone who sets their eyes on it.

If your business wants something that will set itself apart in this high-tech and fast pace world, then you will never regret choosing a logo design which takes inspiration from the past. Lots of businesses do extremely well just from having a professionally designed retro logo.

Design experts have said that a retro logo has the ability to fulfil customers’ needs of trust and reliability, just look at brands like Kodak and Coke!

Looking for a retro logo design for your brand? See our logo packages here.

What Is Retro Logo Design?

Similar to Vintage, Retro logo design is imitative of a style from the recent past. Whether you would like your logo to reflect 90s fashion or 60s music or we help you build a retro feel around your brand. Retro logo designs are incredibly effective as they forge meaningful connections between the past and present.

The Comeback of Retro Logos

There is a reason why, In the past few months, you may have noticed that UK brands have reverted back to their nostalgic past. Some of our country’s biggest names have returned to previous versions of their company logo in an attempt to convey their brand’s rich heritage and original charm. It appears a new trend is emerging in 2017 and that retro branding is making a comeback.



Kodak are one of the most well-known brands in the western world and the use of the Kodak ‘K’ is now back and better than ever before! It has revived as logo designers have used a vibrant colour palette which creates a strong identity across all aspects of the Kodak brand.

Coca Cola

In 2007 Coca Cola returned to their classic design: “A simple, bold approach with a single white ribbon”. We all know the Coca-Cola logo when we see it, that is the reason why it is so iconic. A lot has changed since Coca Cola began, however, they have stuck to their roots and their customers love them for it!



The Co-op have recently returned to an identity which was originally created over 40 years ago! The logos ties in with their new marketing strategy: ‘back to being Co-op’ . Co-op are using nostalgia and prove the power of the past.

The Benefits of Retro Logo Design

As we have mentioned, retro logos are extremely effective as they associate brands with nostalgia, experience and expertise. Retro logos are great for older businesses as it sets them apart from younger start-up competitors.

In recent years we have seen more and more businesses move towards retro logo design as it is incredibly trendy.  Brands thrive on the authenticity of handcrafted logo designs that take inspiration from the 1960s and 70s.

You may have noticed that brands from all industries are experimenting with nostalgia marketing. By choosing a retro logo design you are tapping into positive cultural memories from previous decades.

Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Lego and Herbal Essences have all brought back their former logos to reignite campaign strategies. If you are a smart brand, then you will also change to a retro logo design to maximize nostalgia marketing.

Do you have a logo design from the past which you would like to bring back to life? We can help you restore your logo, making it fit for the digital age. Contact us today for more information.

Retro Logos in A Modern World

Due to the rise of mobile technology, it seems that many logo designers simply copy other digitally produced logos. At Repeat Logo we provide beautifully designed modern and retro logo designs that are different from anything else you will find online.

We can help your business boost brand awareness and create social connections through logo design.

Retro logo design and nostalgia is one way you can lead your customers down memory lane. By associating your brand with references from the 90s, 80s and 70s it will humanize your brands.

Using Colour for Retro Logos

Do you have a colour scheme in mind? If you are not sure where to start when it comes to retro colour schemes we would be happy to help you. For our retro logo clients, we tend to use softer, more muted, neutral colours, such as pastels and tans, however, this will all depend on your business’ preference.

Retro colour arrangements are sometimes sharper and brighter and this may not suit the tone of your brand. If you would prefer to go the subtle route – let us know. We can create a logo which is made to your personal specifications.

Not sure which colour or colours to choose? When it comes to retro colour schemes go back in time for inspiration. Think of colours you would find in a faded Polaroid photo from your childhood, a vintage, older buildings and architecture, record covers or whatever you can think of from the last century that you associate with your business.

Retro Logo Design Inspiration

If you’re looking to get the ball rolling but are struggling to think of any logo design ideas. At Repeat Logo, we not only do logo design but we can provide some good old fashioned logo design inspiration.

online logo creator


Circles are extremely common in retro logo design. At Repeat Logo our designers can make something with circles and circular bursts. We have been asked in the past to create an old style design with a round container. The technique works quite well and instantly looks classic. One popular way to slightly modify the circle is using a gear shape. This is a great idea if you are looking to create branding which is more masculine. Gears tend to feel more industrial and give off a post WWII sort of aesthetic.

logo builder


Robots are extremely retro and are very specific time to a different time period, something which a retro logo tends to signify. We can create the sci-fi logo you have always dreamed of!


We are often asked if we create car logos and they answer is yes! We believe that nothing says retro more than a classic car. The 60s and 70s feel of a classic car logo is cool and totally eye catching. Cars are also great if you are looking for something with a vintage appeal. There are a few other variations on the transportation theme here as well, particularly of the two-wheeled variety.

logo creator


Retro typography looks great when it is done professionally. We can create a text logo for your business that is versatile as well as unique. A retro logo should always come with flair, however, it should be easy to understand and read. Type has an amazing ability to communicate so much about a design, in this case we see each example suggesting a very specific decade.


Badges are very similar to the “circles” theme which we have mentioned above. We can create your logo in a more complex shape.

online logo creator


People are often used in logo design, just look at KFC. If your company has a character which it uses in it branding then it is always fun to see character illustrations in logos, especially when the style reflects something from a bygone era.

Retro Logo Design Packages

Simply give us enough information about your business and we will be in touch with logo concepts. Our logo designers will offer you designs which best match your sector.

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Pro Package

Do you know exactly what you want for your logo design? Then the pro package is an excellent choice for you. If you would like to upgrade your logo we can make the changes which will bring it into 2017.

For a company to really thrive and stand out in the business world, it needs a strong brand identity. We can help your business capture its target market and separate its self from competitors.

Here at Repeat Logo, we can provide you with a professional logo that represents your company and what it stands for. Find out more about our Pro Package now.

The Pro package includes:

  • 3 Logo Design Concepts
  • 5 Logo Revisions
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Advanced Package

Many businesses choose our advanced package as they want more options when choosing a logo design. Logos are intended to be the ‘face’ of a company, therefore, a good logo is well worth the investment.  Whether you are looking for just retro logos or other styles to compare we can a great selection of logos which have the ability to provide a sense of meaning about the company or industry.

Remember a well-designed logo can contribute to the success of any business.  Here, at Repeat Logo, we can offer you a professional logo that meets any requirement.

  • The Advanced Package includes:
  • 5 Logo Design Concepts
  • 9 Logo Revisions
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The Enterprise Package

Getting your logo perfect to the way you want it may require several attempts and we are happy to help. Remember that your logo is your way to express your company’s identity and is a visual symbol of what your company stands for

Here, at Repeat Logo, we can design a company logo that is perfect for your business, which also meets all of your requirements. Have a look at some of our previous logo designs, created by our team of skilled, logo designers.

The Enterprise package includes:

  • 8 logo design concepts
  • unlimited logo revisions
  • branded stationery included

We provide revisions only when you have chosen a concept. If you wish to revise any of the logo concepts, then there may be additional costs depending on the package which you have chosen.

Order Your Retro Logo Design Online

If you have seen a logo which you like on Our Logos page, contact us. Your business should be using its logo on all online platforms, that is why you should have it professionally designed. Our graphic designers can create something for you and your customers to enjoy.

A retro logo design can be something simple, which will give customers everything they need. A retro logo can even be used in store or offline as they are reminiscent of days when life was different, when business was more personal.

Retro logo is also timeless, making it just as relevant years from now as it is today. Choose a logo design package to get started with your next project.

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