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Negative Space Logo Styles

If you are looking for a logo which fits in with modern tastes, a negative space logo is perfect for you. Many of our customers choose a negative space logo as it can have multiple meaning.

There are many reasons why you should choose a negative space logo design styles. Our expert logo designers can create stunning logo designs that are created with your business in mind, ensuring that your logo represents your company’s beliefs and values. Do you have a logo in mind? Send it across to us!

Choosing Your Logo Design Style

If you are still in the early stages of logo design you may be torn between abstract logos and text logos. Both come with their own advantages and during the design stage, it may be worth your while to ask your logo designer for an example of both.

It is worthwhile to remember that the logo design process should never be rushed as the design has become one of the most important factors to the success of an organisation. Millennials are drawn to branding, the more unique, the better. Startup businesses have gone far just on branding alone, that is why it is incredibly important that create a unique brand logo for your products or services.

The right logo design can get a small scale business noticed.  Branding is the perfect tool and it can be cost effective when you choose a package from Repeat Logo Package. Brands like Coca-Cola, Subways, McDonalds and KFC don’t have to struggle for recognition in any part of the world and their logo plays a big part in this.  The great thing about purchasing a negative space logo is that it can be used globally. Negative space logos do not require text, which make them appealing to online and ecommerce brands who ship globally. Imagine if some of the most successful businesses did not have a logo, would you have been able to recognise them?

The Power of Branding

Branding is incredibly powerful. The sports industry is an excellent example of this, for example If you show a few of pairs of unbranded trainers, many would find it difficult to choose and would choose on colour or style. However, is consumers are given the option of branded or unbranded, in most cases, they would pick a product with a logo on it. That is why a logo should always be designed by a team of professionals.

Adidas use a negative space logo, which has certainly worked for them. The stripes in the Adidas logo serve as the negative space and represent the stripes which feature on Adidas goods.

A logo says so much about a company and if it is done well it can depict a positive image through its logo. A good logo design kicks your business off to the best start and clients will think of you as professionals rather than amateurs.

If you are just starting out, then we have a selection of logo design packages which can help you get your business up and running. The design process takes less than one week and it will help you for years after it has been designed. A professional logo designer can help you create your own brand identity, therefore, you should never compromise on logo design.

Abstract Logo Designs

Abstract logos are interested and make great talking points when they are released. Abstract logos represent companies through an abstract symbol or icon and in most cases negative space design.  Abstract logo designs are a popular choice among modern start-ups as they look unique and catch the attention of the consumers easily. Negative space logos tent to work the best when they are simple designs that create a strong brand image. An example of a brand that uses negative space wisely is WWF.

The WWF logo by Sir Peter Scott is so cleverly done, many do not realise that it is negative space. This famous logo for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) makes clever use of negative space to create the form of the panda’s head and back.

The negative space version was created in 1986 at the San Francisco office of Landor, and it’s since become emblematic not just of the WWF but the conservation movement as a whole

The negative space version of the WWF logo is actually a rebrand of the original WWF panda logo, which was drawn in 1961 by Sir Peter Scott. The panda logo is close to many animal lovers hearts as it was based on Chi-Chi: a giant panda that had arrived at the London Zoo that year.

The Benefits of Negative Space Logos

Every logo design style comes with its own advantages. Abstract logos are interesting and that is their main advantage. We have gathered a number of reasons why you should choose a negative space logo for your business.

Lasting Impressions With Negative Space Logo Design

Would you like your brand to stick in your customer’s heads? Chances are, if you choose an abstract logo then it will be more memorable to customers than just a normal image. Abstract logos leave a more solid impression on the people. Customers are drawn towards abstract and graphic symbol based logos, which means that they leave a lasting impression in the minds of the customers.

Studies have shown that when a person sees a text logo, they may get an instant reaction from it, however, they will not think about it much later. A unique abstract logo stays in the mind of anyone who sees it as they will leave thinking about what it is and its purpose. The longer a customer thing about your logo, the more likely they are to return to use your company’s service again.

Curiosity Catches the Customer

If you are able to make people curious about your products or services, you will be able to increase the number of sales pretty quickly. One of the best ways of triggering curiosity in the minds of the customers is the design of your logo. If it is a simple one, containing the name of your company, there will be no guessing game whatsoever. However, things will be different when you get an abstract logo designed, as that will force the customers to think of what your business is about. Even when they find out, they will be curious to know the science behind the logo’s design. Once they get it, they will definitely share it with friends and family members, thus the overall situation will help your business grow stronger.

Freedom to Interpret: Negative Space Logos

Sometimes, when it comes to logo designs, customers prefer to have the freedom of interpretation. Logos which have two different meanings have the potential to go viral – remember the blue/gold dress fiasco? It works like that.

Abstract logos can have numerous interpretations. Customers are free to interpret such logos in the way that they want, but some messages are hidden. The FedEx logo was created in 1994, and is instantly recognisable, with block writing in purple and orange. But have you ever noticed the negative space message which is hidden inside? There is an arrow hidden between the E and x.

Be Different

Something you will notice is that abstract logos are diverse. If you are starting a business in a crowded market, then a logo design is a great way to diversify yourself within that market. Branding goes a long way and customers are more likely to read a unique message rather than something they have seen time and time again. Abstract images can be identified easily, which means they are excellent choices if you want to expand your business into other countries.


If you are a business in the creative sector, then you should be using a logo design style which is creative. If you are looking through “our logos” then you may be thinking, what is more creative than an abstract one!</p> <p>Creativity can be found in the strangest places, and we would love to hear your ideas. As a professional logo designer we can create a creative logo design for your business that also has clarity. Being experimental during the early stages of logo design is all part of the process, however, there is no confusion whatsoever of who your brand is. An abstract logo should stir curiosity in the minds of the customers, however, it should have an appropriate message behind it.

Order Your Negative Space Logo Design

Whether you know exactly how you want your logo to look or not, all we need is enough information about your business and we will be in touch with negative space logo design concepts. Our logo designers will offer you designs which best match your sector.

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Pro Package

Do you know exactly what you want for your logo design? Then the pro package is an excellent choice for you. If you would like to upgrade your logo we can make the changes which will bring it into 2017.

Here at Repeat Logo, we can provide you with a professional logo that represents your company and what it stands for. Find out more about our Pro Package now.

The Pro package includes:

  • 3 Logo Design Concepts
  • 5 Logo Revisions
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Advanced Package

Many businesses choose our advanced package as they want more options when choosing a logo design. Remember a well-designed logo can contribute to the success of any business.  Here, at Repeat Logo, we can offer you a professional logo that meets any requirement.

  • The Advanced Package includes:
  • 5 Logo Design Concepts
  • 9 Logo Revisions
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The Enterprise Package

This is our most popular package. The enterprise package is perfect for those who are unsure about how they would like their logo to look.

At Repeat Logo, we do not rush our customers and with enterprise logo package you get unlimited revisions. Getting your logo perfect to the way you want it may require several attempts and we are happy to help. Remember that your logo is your way to express your company’s identity and is a visual symbol of what your company stands for. Here, at Repeat Logo, we can design a company logo that is perfect for your business, which also meets all of your requirements. The Enterprise package includes:

  • 8 logo design concepts
  • unlimited logo revisions
  • branded stationery included

We provide revisions only when you have chosen a concept. If you wish to revise any of the logo concepts, then there may be additional costs depending on the package which you have chosen.

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We have a pro package, advanced package and enterprise package.