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Minimalist Logo Design

Are you a trailblazer looking for a logo to match? We can create a logo design which is unique to your business or project. Sometimes less is more and minimalism makes designs so much cleaner and more recognisable. Minimalism is timeless, that is why it is the standard for some of the best and largest companies in the world.

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If you are wanting to create a professional logo design for 2017 – the best place to start is by looking at effective, professionally designed logos.  Change is often a good thing in the world of logo design, however, your business logo is part of your brand’s personality, let it speak for you! Our logo designs can match old with new, bringing your logo into the millennial age.

Rebrand Your Logo Design

Minimal logos are an excellent choice if you are rebranding. If you are choosing to rebrand your logo in 2017, you have come to the right place! We believe that it is never too late to change up a logo design just look at brands like Apple and Virgin who did not start with their original logo designs.

Apple are one brand who stripped back their logo design to reach their final product.  Did you know that originally Apple’s business logo from 1976 was hand drawn picture of Isaac Newton? The image pictured him sitting under a tree where an apple fell.

You may be thinking that is much different from it’s now minimalist look, this proves that logo design is a process which shouldn’t be completed in a couple of hours. Steve Jobs was of course the mastermind behind this minimalist logo as he suggested that the logo may not be practical for the products they were creating. Apple wanted a logo which they could feature on their products, something that wouldn’t become outdated quickly.

Once apple reached their logos final destination they have hardly looked back. Over the years they have made slight changed in colour and for, however, their current business is as minimalistic as it has ever been with a simple metallic apple with a bite out of it.

Why 2017 Trends Are Important for Your Business

If you are not convinced that logo design styles are important to your business, you’re your customers could slowly but surely slip out of your hands. You should find a balance when it comes to logo design, changing it regularly enough to keep your customers on their toe, without changing it too much as this can cause confusion.

As your company grows, it will change and you will start to discover what your business’ identity is – Netflix are a great example of this. When your company begins to grow its values may change and it most cases, it does not kill a business to change their logo at this point.  Your logo design doesn’t need to change drastically; it may just need a tidy up by a profession logo design team.

Order your new logo today. Simply give us enough information about your business and we will be in touch with logo concepts. Our logo designers will offer you designs which best match your sector.

What Is Minimalism?

If you have never come across minimalist design – then you have probably been living in outer space. Minimalism is everywhere not just in logo styles – in visual arts, music, and other mediums. It uses pared-down design elements.

Those who appreciate minimalism would never say that it is the cheap option. Minimalism is a style which is often associated with super-rich, that is why it is often used in luxury branding. The ideology behind minimalism is simple, it says that you will not have anything attached to your brand that isn’t necessary, only the most appropriate and best products or services.

The trend is said to have begun in post–World War II Western art, most strongly with American visual arts in the 1960s and early 1970s. In more general terms it is simple in form and function.

Minimalism is used across the arts (architecture, painting, music, design) and the list of minimalists is endless.  At Repeat Logo our designs are inspired by a number of minimalists including: Buckminster Fuller, Dieter Rams, Donald Judd, John McCracken, Agnes Martin, Dan Flavin, Robert Morris, Anne Truitt and Frank Stella.

 “Less Is More” Logo Design

The saying Less is more was coined by hero of minimalism, German architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. As a key figure in the minimalism movement he is known for his legendary work in modern architecture. Big city skylines from New York to Beijing have been influenced by Mies van der Rohe work.

He is the author of the “Less Is More” motto, which is one of the main principles of minimalism. At Repeat Logo we are incredibly influenced by his work and principles especially when we are creating minimalist designs.

The main thing to remember when it comes to minimalist logo design is that you should always keep it simple! Don’t get too complicated with your business logo. If you are inspired by Apple and other big brands, then you will notice that many are moving away from text and using icons.

Minimalism is usually a flat design that uses as few or just 1 colour. With the digital age moving forward and app development in business taking off – make sure that choose a logo which is versatile and can be used on a number of platforms.

Minimalist Logo Design

Inspired by Traditional Japanese Design?

Those who appreciate the art of minimalism will know that Traditional Japanese design (i.e. before the influence of the West) uses simplicity and clean forms. This is why it is considered to be another predecessor of minimalism.

Some would say that minimalism is a reflection of Japanese culture, a country where simplicity has long been valued. In Japanese culture, people believe that if something is unnecessary then it is not included in its design.

Minimalist Logos

So we have established that minimalism isn’t something that has appeared overnight. Minimalism has been around for many, many years, however, this logo design concept has been growing over the past few years and has been seen in everything from art, fashion to interior design.

In the branding world, many businesses have begun the journey to a more minimal places and brands have begun to strip back since this trend picked off in 2014. This trend continues to take over, this has been reflected in the strong desire for minimalism in logos in 2017.

Google are one of the best examples of minimalist design. The simple web page is made up of a search box, 2 search buttons, and the Google logo. The Google logo may have changed in recent years, however, it has always been fairly minimalistic. Google’ logo designer’s basic colours, a main feature of minimalism.

Minimalist Fashion Logos

Are you looking for a fashion logo design? Take not form some of the world’s biggest names in fashion. Logo design is extremely important to those who work in clothing design – just look at Nike and Adidas!

Logos are not only important in the sports fashion world, high fashion logo designs are extremely desirable and when they are placed on a designer platform they can be easy money makers for bug brands.

Company logo design is the main priority for fashion brands like Chanel and Celine. High fashion logos are proof that t logos do not need to be to be flashy. When Phoebe Philo joined Celine in 2008 she said: “I just thought I’d clean it up, make it strong and powerful – a kind of contemporary minimalism.”

Alongside fashion design, she also altered the company logo. The Celine logo was already all in capital letters but Philo directed that it was refined more. Logo designer, Peter Miles, said that he had never “worked with anyone so precise and detailed as Phoebe …She sees things microscopically. ‘Can you just make the logo two millimetres shorter?’ ‘Can you move it down there by three millimetres?’ I had to change things by the smallest margins… but always for good reason”.

If you are looking for logo design perfection, the we suggest that you opt for our enterprise package. Alter your logo as many times as you like for a one off cost.

Minimalism Colour Palettes and Logo Shapes

Minimalism is fairly easy to spot., as it is the extreme simplification of form. If you are a business which believes in “what you see is what you get”, then you will benefit from this type of design.

Minimalistic design can be described as straightforward, as you can’t expect complex shapes and wacky colours you have never seen before in branding. The founding artists would use simple but effective designs incorporating, rectangles, horizontal and vertical lines and primary colours into their work.

Modern minimalists will use more complex shapes and richer colour palettes. Neo minimalists tend to favour clean, simple shapes. We can help you choose the design which works best for your brand. We will assign a project manager to your account and you can communicate all necessary changes and feedback through email.

Minimalist Typeface

Millennials love minimalist type face. The streets of cities are now awash with cool, logo designs which use minimalist fonts.  Minimalist fonts appeal to many as they are easy to read and great for branding.

Helvetica is known as a modern font; did you know that it was made in 1957? Minimalist logo designers often use this font as it can be used for both modernism and minimalism. Helvetica is one of the world most famous typefaces and millennials cannot get enough of stripped back construction. When the font was first created it came under fire as many were used to heavily ornamented fonts, the opposite of minimalistic design.

Sans Serif fonts are particularly popular with minimalist logo designers.  “Sans-serif” means “without serif”. This type of fonts doesn’t have the extra lines on the ends of letters – something which is extremely popular with minimalists, many believe that this type of font looks more modern and streamlined. If you are looking for a font based logo, then you may want to choose one of the following:


Open Sans


Titillium Web

Source Sans Pro


Exo 2


If you don’t like the idea of having an image included in your minimalist logo, our team of highly skilled logo designers can create the perfect text logo design using a sans-serif font that will be finished to the highest quality.

We can use any text or font you require to tailor your logo design to your specific business and industry. Get in touch to find out more about our logo design styles.

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