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Line Logo Design

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish logo design, then our line logo design is one which will meet your criteria. We can create a modern line logo for your business that has elegant lines or sharp edges. Our types of line logo design are intricate and finished to the highest standards. A professional logo designer from our team is perfect for your brand.

In having a line logo, you can represent your brand to be anything you want. A line logo works great for anyone looking for a well presented or refined logo. Having a line logo is considered to be almost futuristic in some cases. When people think of designing a logo they often think of aspects including colours and fonts. They consider these to be the most important aspects of the design. One aspect which can be overlooked is the lines and shapes within a logo. If you wish to send a message to your audience users, then lines or shapes can be a vital aspect of this.

No matter what type of logo design style you are considering it can be a difficult and stressful task, specifically if you have no design background. If you are wondering how to create an effective line logo that will accurately represent your brand to the highest standard, you can put your trust in Repeat Logo. At Repeat Logo we have a dedicated team of professional logo designers which can assist you in creating your dream logo.

Repeat Logo have designed hundreds of different logos for a diverse number of companies, each interested in focusing on different logo design styles. Therefore, no matter what design style you are interested in Repeat Logo will have a design that will suit your business.

What is a Line Logo?

When considering the branding of your business, your logo is probably the single most important aspect of the overall image. If you get your logo wrong this can be detrimental to the reputation of your company and depending on what you do it can have a negative impact on your profits. Having a logo design which is untrustworthy will put customers off trusting your business. It is important that your logo represents your brand appropriately and says the right things about it. One effective way to achieve this is with a line logo design. A line logo is one which heavily relies on the use of lines.

The lines in a line logo can be many things – straight, curly, curved or waved. Depending on the image of your brand you may want to opt for wavier or curly lines to convey elegance or straight/rigid lines to give the appearance of being modern or technical. Rather than featuring one or the other style of line many choose to have a contrast in line styles to be more experimental.

If you are looking for a line logo design for your business then get in touch with Repeat Logo, we have many different logo design styles for almost every type of business and will work with you every step of the way to create your dream logo.

Line Logo Design – The Basics

Before deciding on a concept for your line logo design there are some points to consider. These are a simple set of guidelines which we use to ensure that your logo doesn’t fall into any of the common traps when it comes to logo design.

Be Bold – Having a line logo can allow you to be bold and stand out fairly easily. Although you don’t want to be too cluttered you still want to make an impact with your customer in a short amount of time.

Longevity – One thing your line logo must have is longevity. There is no point in coming up with a line logo design which will become outdated within a couple of years. Your logo should be designed to stand the test of time.

Be Relevant – You should have a line logo which is relevant to your business and the service you provide. There is no point in having a line logo design which directly contradicts the service you provide.

Be Unique – When thinking of what you want from your line logo; originality should be at the top of that list. Brands which have experienced immense success have largely become so recognised purely by their logo – think Nike. In order to differentiate yourself from the competition you should aim to be the first with your logo design style, not simply copying someone else.

Predictability – You want your consumers to have an idea of the service you provide but at the same time don’t make the mistake of giving too much away too soon. Leave something to the imagination.

Why Use a Line Logo Design?

Any professional logo designer will know that lines have a symbolic meaning, depending on what type of line it is. This means that depending on what you do there may be specific types of lines which could convey a deeper meaning about your brand. If you use similar lines to make a pattern, then this can be useful to allow us to capture the audience’s attention towards a specific element of the design. There are different types of lines you can use to convey a specific image of your business:

Sharp Lines

These convey tension and formality, typically effective for building an image of trustworthiness or stability.

Angled Lines

These types of line logo typically convey an image of energy.

Curved Lines

These are used to build an image of warmth and personality in a brand

Line Logo – The Meaning of Different Line Types

As mentioned before, each type of line you can use has a symbolic image. Each line style has its own characteristics, almost like a personality. You can use these to your advantage when building your brand image.

Thin Lines

A line logo featuring thin lines could convey an elegant image. This is due to thin lines being connected to fragility and brief. Thin lines typically connected to something with a short life span. Making it perfect for a florist or similar type of business.

Thick Lines

Thick lines are linked to strength – often unbreakable. You can use a line logo design with thick lines to be bold and make a statement.

Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines mean calm and peace, they are typically linked to sunset and they create relaxation. On the other hand, a horizontal line cannot fall over, therefore you can use them in a line logo to convey stability and security. Horizontal lines are trusted when it comes to line logo design as they are connected to a lack of conflict and provide a type of sanctuary.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines are the opposite to horizontal, they are full of energy which could burst if knocked over, creating an air of excitement around them. Although full of energy these types of line are also seen as strong. Therefore, when designing a line logo, you can use these to convey strength and dignity also.

Diagonal Lines

These types of line are connected to instability and uncontrolled energy. They symbolise movement or action making them exciting. If you want to make a dramatic impact with your line logo design, then these are a great option.

Curved Lines

These are a much softer and gentler type of line. They are graceful and are less definitive than other types of line. The beauty of this type of line is that they can be made either calm or dynamic making them a popular choice for a line logo.

Zigzag Lines

These types of line are connected to instability and uncontrolled energy. They symbolise movement or action making them exciting. If you want to make a dramatic impact with your line logo design, then these are a great option.

The Line Logo Design Process

If you are interested in a professional logo designer from our team creating you a unique line logo then you will initially select a package from our website. Upon doing this we will ask you to fill out a design brief to identify key requirements you are looking for in your logo. This will also focus on the logo design style you are looking for. This may be a line logo design or could be another type of logo design from our website. Once you have submitted your design brief, a professional logo designer will create an initial design concept for you within 5 days. During this process they will conduct research into your brand and the market it operates in. It is necessary to look into your competitors to see where you are positioned and to allow us to ensure that your logo stands out from your competitors.

Once you have received your line logo design concept you are able to make as many adjustments to this as you wish, free of charge! We provide this service for our clients to give them the chance to perfect their logo with no hidden charges. We aim to make every line logo the finished product that you had envisioned.

Our Clients Line Logo Design

Our customers and their satisfaction is the most important thing for us as a business. We understand the importance of having an effective logo which represents your brand perfectly. This is why a professional logo designer will work with you to ensure that everything turns out perfectly.

We have created whole ranges of line logo, all different shapes and sizes, for many different types of business. For each and every business we have created a line logo which has represented them perfectly and allowed them to stand out without being predictable or cliché.

Get Your Line Logo Design Started Today

Don’t waste any time in getting your line logo started. Have a look through our website today and select a package. Once you have done so and filled out a design brief we will select a professional logo designer from our team to get started on creating an effective line logo for your business. Initially your line logo will be based from the information you provide in your design brief. Once this is done you can make as many changes as you like, at no extra cost. Not interested in having a line logo? We have many other types of logo design styles for you to choose from.

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