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Today, people are glued to their mobile phone. Using them for everyday task. With most of us spending hours a day with our heads in our hands, glued to their smartphone screen.

It is difficult not to notice that in today’s technology age, the modern society take a huge interest in their screen and whatever they find on them.

Using the internet and apps, scrolling until there is nothing left to look at.

At Repeat Logo, we understand that people use their Applications for their own convince.

For this reason, we create app logos that a sleek, modern and professionals.

This is to help ensure that you stand out from the crowd and draw in your customers to your application.

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This obsession with our mobiles has not gone unnoticed.

Hundreds of companies looking to be successful in the world of the internet have developed their own application for their customers.

With thousands of app logos visible on download sites, it is no wonder, companies are fighting for their logo to be the best.

However, developing an app logo on your own may prove more difficult that you anticipated. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to app logos.

Let our team of logo design experts develop your company a high quality, professional app logo design.

What Is an App Logo?

Before sitting down to create your application logo, it is vital that you fully understand what an app logo is and how it works. An app logo is a visual anchor for your product or service.

Think of it as it tiny piece of branding that needs to be attractive and stand out to customers. As well as communicate the core essence of your application.

An app logo is a design or image put into a small area that will be used to draw in customers and make them more inclined to download and use your application.

Why Your Company Need an App Logo Design

There are over 1 million apps available on the App Store alone that are ready for customers to download and use. In such a competitive market is now more important than ever to ensure your company logo design stands out from competitors.


Having a great app logo design could be the difference between no downloads and hundreds, if not thousands of downloads.

With the competitive nature of the App world, one of the main problems is that app download sites are overcrowded. There is an endless choice of apps that cater to all of your needs.

Customers have become selective, skipping past any poor quality, lifeless app logos. For this reason, you need to everything you can to make your app stand out, having a great logo is one of the best ways to do this.

It doesn’t matter how amazing and professional your app is, if it has a poorly designed logo, people will be more inclined to skip over it. Give your app a chance by creating a brilliant business logo for your app.

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What Makes a Great App Logo Design?

Designing your application logo should be a creative and professional experience. You need to ensure that you convey your company and brand in one small image. One thing to remember when designing your app logo is that it should be:

Simple and beautiful

Professionally finished


If these three things are carried out, the app logo should convey the main purpose of the app just from one quick glance.

In general terms, the design of the UK logo design should provide an instant sense of what the app is used for.

However, this is not always the case. You can break the rule if you already have a strong brand or character base logo.

As long as you make sure that your business logo design symbolised your brand and what you offer.

It is widely known that first impressions cannot be changed. In real life we know at a glance whether or not we like someone. However, this is similar in the App market.

One quick look and we have decided if we are going to click on and download an app.

For this reason, it is vital that you make a great first impression with your app logo design. This first impression will be the decider between your application succeeding or failing.

Make sure it is not the latter. Get in touch with our amazing logo design team, and we can help you turn your idea into a reality.

Logo Design Aspects

Here are some of our top tips that you should consider when creating your app logo design. Following these tips will ensure that you are given the best app logo design, that portrays your brand and your product.

This is vital to the overall success of your application and how well your app logo draws in your customers.

Before doing anything, take time to research your competition and see what they are doing with their app logo.

Look at the colours and images they have used, and think of something even more brilliant.

This will ensure that you have a competitive edge and stand out from them.


Your app logo design should be easy to identify amongst all the noise of the store or on your home screen. This is a key component in any great app logo design. this will ensure that your customers choose your app over others, from both the App Store and their personal home screen. The app logo that is developed for your company should resonate with your customers. Therefore, think carefully about the shapes and colours of your app logo. The overall design needs to create a sense of memory on both a functional and an emotional level. Doing this will ensure that a bond is created between your app logo and your customers. Keeping it fresh in their minds.


Think outside the box and let your creative juices flow. Create something unique and exclusive to your company. It may be impossible to create your own style as there are hundreds and thousands of styles already out there. So mimicking a style is perfectly fine, just make sure you make it your own. You App logo is going to be competing with other apps the whole time it is running. This constant competition requires you to grab your user’s attention and stand out from the crowded


Not all applications are found on the mobile phone. Tablets and smart gadgets all use applications, similarly to smartphones. For this reason, it is extremely important that your app logo is scalable. This is due to the app being shown in several places throughout the platform, in several sizes. As your logo changes in size, it should maintain its legibility and uniqueness. The experts at Repeat Logo will ensure you’re your app logo works on all internet platforms, call us now for more information.


There should be a link between your app logo design and the contents of what to expect in your application. For example, a clothing app wouldn’t have an app design involving food. This is the complete opposite, instead, it should have an image relating to fashion. There should be a consistency between the experience of interacting with your app logo design and your application. A great app logo should be an extension of what the app is about. Having your app logo consistent will help create a more memorable encounter for your customers.

Only Images

As experts in the field of company logo designs, Repeat Logo suggests not using words on your app logo design. Images say a thousand words, so use them to your advantage. With the vast competition in the App market, there is on time to waist. Your customers are not going to read your app logo as they scroll down a list of thousands, they are looking for a gripping image. The app logo design should be designed in such a wat that it creates an identity without words. An image allows you to clearly convey your intentions.

Vibrant Colours

If you want your app logo to stand out, go bold with colour. Choosing a vibrant colour will help your app stand out from any background and grab the attention of the user. This will ensure your app is downloaded and used. The last thing you want is for your app logo to blend into the background and become lost to the world of applications. Try to pair your primary brand colours, with a brighter alternative. As well as this, think about adding in seasonal colours. This will enhance the overall look of the logo and create it into a masterpiece. For more information, on any of your logo ideas give our experts a call today.

Our Expert Logo Designers

At Repeat Logo, we are experts in the field of app logo designs.

There is no need to worry about coming up with your own logo design when we can do it for you.

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Put your faith in our hands and we will create you a masterpiece.

Taking your ideas and turning them into reality.

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