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App Logo Design

We understand that the majority of smartphone users use apps for their convenience. Our logo designs are simple and clean, with a modern edge, leading you to success in the digital market. As we are an online logo company, we can produce a business logo for that will look great on any platform. Order your App logo design today!

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Retro Logo Design

Retro logos are extremely popular at the moment. To stand out from your competitors and give your business a design edge, make sure you order a retro logo design by Repeat Logo. Our in-house logo designers will use their design knowledge to craft your business a logo design that you will love! We will use cool colours and fonts to create a retro feel.

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Modern Logo Design

Does your logo require some drastic changes? Our logo designs can cater to any of your requirements. If you are looking for a modern logo design, our expert logo designers can a create a contemporary logo for your business that will look great both online and off.  From flat logo design to trendy scripts, get in touch with our design team today.

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Text Logo Design

Keep it simple with a text logo design. If you don’t like the idea of having an image included in your logo, our skilled logo designers can use their skills to create the perfect text logo design, that will be finished to the highest quality. We can use any text or font you require to tailor your logo design to your specific business and industry.

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Creative Logo Design

Our team of designers and marketers will work together to create your business logo. When creating a creative logo design our team will make sure that it is both artistic and informative. When you are ordering you logo, tell us a bit about your business and what makes it so unique. Working together we hope we can create your business a creative masterpiece that your customers will love too!

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Negative Space Logo Design

Would you like your logo design to include multiple meanings, negative space logo design would be a great choice for you.  Our expert logo designers can create stunning logo designs that are created with your business in mind, ensuring that your logo represents your company’s beliefs and values. Do you have a logo in mind? Send it across to us!

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Minimalist Logo Design

Minimalism is trending. Minimalist logo design works for a number of industries. Let create something simple but stunning for your business and you will have a logo design for life. We can strip your logo design back, giving it the make-under it may require. Get in touch with our logo design team today and take us through your vision.

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Line Logo Design

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish logo design, our line logo designs are the ones who can meet your brief. We can create a modern logo for your business that has elegant lines and sharp edges. Our designs are intricate and finished to the highest quality. Our team will ensure that your logo design is perfect for your brand.

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Simple Logo Design

Using bold fonts and appropriate colours, our skilled logo designers can create a simple, yet effective, logo design for your company. We can illustrate your company’s values and beliefs through modest images and lettering. Get in touch today for a successful and simple logo design.

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3D Logo Design

Repeat Logo designers are highly skilled. Our team can create your business a stunning logo design that will make your logo stand out from its competitors. If you are looking for something different and creative, 3D logo design is an excellent choice.  3D logos look great once they are finished and each of ours is produced with complete professionalism. If you are unsure if this logo style is for you, look through our logo portfolio.

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Vintage Logo Design

Looking for a vintage logo designer? If you want a classic business logo with a timeless feel, our expert designers can craft together the perfect vintage logo design for your business. We create quality company logo designs that will meet your every requirement. We have years of experience and can design a logo for your business that will represent the industry you work in.

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Colourful Logo Design

Colour trends are set to be big in 2017, with ombre logo design taking over! Why not brighten up your business with a colourful logo design. At repeat logo, our skilled logo designers can use bright, bold colours, that will ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. We can add together colourful text and vibrant images, giving your brand the positive vibes it deserves. Colourful logos work extremely well for retail businesses – just look at eBay!

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