How to improve communication in your web design team


Whether your team is working on a small and simple project or it is involved in an ambitious and complex project, good communication between them is the pillar of strength that has a major impact on the project’s success. However, due to the multiple tasks and looming deadlines, team members have to tackle on daily basis, it’s almost impossible to maintain effective communication and keep everybody on the same page. This is particularly true when it comes to designers. Unlike developers, designers approach things in a different way. They need to communicate their ideas and participate in creative thinking process to be able to brainstorm some new inspiring ideas for their future projects. That’s why it is of great significance to continually work on improving the communication of your team as it may lead to positive outcomes.


Here are a few useful tips that will help you boost communication of your team and achieve positive results in the long run.

Create a platform for sharing information


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Encourage your team to join a communication and collaboration platform where they freely share their ideas, thoughts and exchange any important information that will contribute to the project development. Communication tools such as Slack and HipChat will boost your team’s communication flow and help the team stay in touch especially when some important issues arise. Some of those communication tools offer the possibility of creating social channels where particular members of the team communicate on certain heating topics. Another thing you should consider is distributing an internal newsletter and help everyone stay on the same page. This is why you should support this idea:


  • 90% of medium consumers would like to receive updates via email newsletter

Choose appropriate forms of communication

There is a wide selection of tools and platforms your team can use to communicate their ideas – From emails and user-friendly web design project management software to instant messaging and video calls. Which one will your team choose depends on their preferences and needs. While emailing is a great way to communicate and sharing large pieces of information, it can be a bit time-consuming and easily clogged up which can have an adverse effect on productivity. According to the recent statistics:


  • An average employee spends 13 hours a week reading and responding to ema


When it comes to discussing complex issues, face-to-face communication is the most efficient medium. On the other hand, if your team needs to communicate and share their thoughts instantly, communication tools like Skype or Zoom is the perfect solution for your team.


Organise team building activities


To be able to create the environment where your team could grow you need to encourage them to meet each other and create a more personal relationship by organising team building events and activities. The research shows:


  • Employees earn 2.5 more than companies whose employees have low engagement level.


To make team building activity effective you need to identify what challenges your team usually faces and develop particular goals you want to achieve. Also, keep in mind that you want all types of personalities to be able to participate in those activities. So if you want your team to get out of their comfort zone, make sure there is a way to make everybody join the activity without feeling uncomfortable or awkward. Team building events are essential part in all stages of team development.

Practice informal meetings


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According to the research, team members who socialise and meet outside of formal meetings show better performance than people who only communicate during the office time. Arrange a coffee break schedule and encourage all the team members to take a break together at the same time so that they can socialise away from their workstations. This should undoubtedly have an impact on your team’s communication and productivity and will improve collaboration on future projects regarding graphic design website.

Create an internal language

The easiest way to keep your employees in the loop is to stimulate them to use their own internal language. Your team can create their own internal language by using specific acronyms that stand for important business processes or particular words based on inside jokes and some company rules. Not only will it make the communication between your workers fun and engaging but it will create a positive working atmosphere where productivity will thrive.

Organise design critiques

One of the main prerequisites of building a real team culture is to build trust between team members by practicing transparency and honesty. Although gathering feedback from your team can be a painful process, it inevitably leads to good things and fruitful collaboration. Gather all of your team in the conference room and encourage them to share their thoughts and provide their feedback on your design solution. In this way, the rest of your design team will feel like an essential part of some bigger picture and will be excited about the idea they are contributing to your design process.


Strong and efficient communication is vital for your design team’s success. Effective workplace communication bridges any gaps between employees and enables better employee management. Also, it boosts your team’s morale leading to happy and open working environment.