How does your logo reflect your brand identity?

Your corporate logo design is not just another part of your company. In fact, it is central in showing the brand identity of your business, the values it has, the culture of the organisation, and the products and services you offer.

It is therefore very important to have the best possible logo for your business, one that is memorable and versatile but also simple. One of the things you need to think about when creating a corporate logo design is the colour or colours you want or may need to use. To design a business logo that is consistent and credible should be every company’s primary aim.

At Repeat Logo we offer online logo design services to suit the needs of your company. Through our corporate logo design process, we can design a business logo that reflects your brand identity and engages your target audience, especially in terms of the colour or colours used. The psychology of colours in business is therefore central to creating the best logo design.

The Psychology of Colour

Colours are used in company logo design predominantly to persuade your target audience, to influence their emotions and consumption. Thus, if your logo uses a good colour, it will sell, but if it uses the perfect colour, it will sell better! This is why it is important to express your brand identity in the right way, using the appropriate colour or colours in your business logo or online logo design.

In fact, branding is predominantly done with the use of logos, which aim to not only sell products, but also to communicate the value of your brand. Having the appropriate logo will help your business to make the best first impression to your customers and to communicate clearly the purpose of your brand.

Your target audience’s emotions are also affected by colours, so choosing the right business logo colour can make your customers more likely to buy your products. Besides, the right colour choice can also impact your customers’ energy levels, which could make them more prone to buying from you!

Using Red Colours in Your Business Logo

If you want to use red in your company logo design, you need to be careful with its drawbacks. Although it is a colour that arouses strong emotions such as love, it also symbolises danger, urgency and could increase the heart rate.

Red also represents intensity, excitement, energy and passion, and is used to encourage appetite or to target impulsive customers. Red is used in many top brands logos, such as McDonalds, Netflix, Lays, Lego, Nintendo, Coca Cola, Heinz or YouTube.

Using Blue Colours in Your Business Logo

Many companies incorporate blue within their corporate logo design. Blue implies trust, professionalism, calmness, seriousness and integrity. Some of the most well-known logos use blue: Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, Oreo, Walmart, Dell, Pepsi, and even Microsoft Word. Blue is also used to represent success and authority, which is why many government and financial organisations use blue in their logos.

The fact that blue implies trust is one of the reasons why many professional services (for example, law firms) use blue to design their business logo.

Using Yellow Colours in Your Business Logo

Yellow evokes to your target audience a feeling of warmth, representing youthfulness and optimism, and showing clarity. However, yellow business logos are not the most popular as they can create fatigue on your target audience’s eyes. On the other hand, however, their brightness can stimulate consumption. Yellow is used in corporate logo design by companies such as Nikon, Shell, National Geographic, McDonalds, Ikea and Hertz.

Using Orange in Your Business Logo

Orange also evokes warmth, but, unlike yellow, it represents cheerfulness and friendliness, and creates excitement and enthusiasm. As well as with the red colours, impulsive shoppers are also affected by orange colours and their call to action. Using orange to design a business logo is preferred when targeting younger people. Companies such as Amazon, Hooters, Nickelodeon, Harley Davidson, Mozilla Firefox, Fanta, and even Microsoft Power Point, use orange in their corporate logo designs.

Using Green Colours in Your Business Logo

If your company wants to emphasise its ethical and natural components, green would be the perfect logo design colour. Green represents freshness and growth, which can be linked to vegetarian, vegan and organic foods. It also symbolises money, health, and relaxation, and it is a popular colour within logos of financial institutions. Companies such as BP, John Deere, Tropicana, Spotify, Microsoft Excel, Android, Starbucks, Animal Planet, and Monster, use green in their corporate logo design.

Using Purple in Your Business Logo

If your company, however, offers products to a wealthy target audience, you might need to consider using purple to design your business logo. Purple represents wisdom, success, wealth and royalty, and is used in the logos of many cosmetic products. It is also used to evoke magical or supernatural elements, as well as creativity. Companies such as Yahoo, Taco Bell, or Hallmark use purple in their logo designs.

Using Other Colours in Your Business Logo

If, on the one hand, you want to imply the sophistication or the power of your brand to your target audience, you might want to use black in your business logo design. However, there are some drawbacks, as black can also evoke death and villainy.

Pink has feminine and romantic connotations, which is why pink logos are used to target audiences of women and young girls, while brown, on the other hand, is more related to men or manly activities, related to the outdoors.

Colours Also Differ Depending on your Industry or Sector

Understanding the different Industries and Sectors is key in designing a successful business logo. In order to create the perfect logo design for your business, at Repeat Logo we engage in extensive research of the industry or sector you operate in to deliver the best corporate logo design. This expertise combined with the online logo design services we offer, allow us to design a business logo that is tailored to your needs.

For example, if your company is in the automotive sector, red and silver are the most commonly used colours in logos, as in Mitsubishi or Audi. They imply strength, power, speed, solidity, prestige and wealth. For sports cars, red is also a popular logo design colour that implies speed and strength. If you are, however, in the technology sector, experience tells us that blue and silver are the colours most commonly used, denoting communication, globalization, prestige and wealth, with examples such as IBM, Apple or HP. Blue and silver (or grey) are also used in business logos in the finance sector, representing calmness, security, fiscal stability, and neutrality, with examples such as Visa, PayPal or Ernst & Young.  Black and blue, and sometimes red, are used in the education sector to denote knowledge, sophistication, stability and power, as in the British Council or University of Cambridge logos.

In the real estate industry, however, green and blue are the most popular colours for logos, representing the earth and the feeling of being at home, which is exemplified by the logos of Alpine Meadows or ERA. Green and red, on the other hand, are the primary colours in healthcare companies, such as the Red Cross or Oxfam, implying danger, determination, hope, attentiveness, safety and endurance.

As commented earlier, the food and beverages sector utilises red and yellow colours for their logos, which is exemplified by the corporate logo designs of McDonalds, Subway, or KFC, representing health, optimism, energy, and targeted to impulsive shoppers. Red is also used, along with black, in the travel industry, representing energy, power, vigour, and courage, and exemplified by Swiss Air or American Airlines. On the other hand, red combined with blue is most widely used in the government sector, denoting strength, calmness, and power, with the CIA or the NSA as examples of this.

Finally, in the entertainment industry, orange is the most widely used colour, as it represents cheerfulness and youthfulness, excitement, confidence, and enthusiasm. Black is also used in this industry to represent power and knowledge. Companies such as Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network use these colours in their business logo design.

Whatever the industry or sector your company competes in, we can help, so do not hesitate to contact us.

What Colours Match your Target Market?

Gender seems to be a good segmentation strategy to identify what colours your target audience might like to see in your business logo. If you are targeting men, you should consider that they predominantly prefer blue over any other colour. Women, however, love blue, purple and green, but they hate orange, brown and grey. The specific characteristics of your target audience should be considered when you design a business logo.

We Can Help

Now that you know a bit about the psychology of colour and the connotations of choosing one colour or the other to design your business logo, it is time to start thinking more deeply about it. Once you have chosen one of our packages and filled out our logo design brief, you will need to give us information about the industry or sector your company competes in, and the emotions that you want to evoke with your business logo design.

We know all the facts expressed above and with our accessible online logo design services we can help you create your perfect customised logo. Simply visit our website or contact us now if you have any questions about the online logo design services we offer.