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How a logo can improve brand recognition

How a logo can improve brand recognition

Every great brand start with a great corporate logo design. It is the single, most influential recognition factor that sticks in the mind of your customers. This is exactly what differentiates successful brands with large loyal customer bases from less successful ones.

Let’s conduct a small test. Think about the following brands: Coca Cola, Apple and Microsoft. Can you recall their logos? Of course you can, and not only that, you can recall the colours used as well, and maybe even imagine the taste of Coca Cola. This is the power business logos have on improving brand recognition – they are the first thing that comes to our minds when we hear the brand name and unlock a chain reaction of emotions and associations. They are the symbol of the company and reflect the organisation’s mission, vision, products and services and the brand as a whole.


That is why having a well-designed, recognisable business logo is the first step to building a strong brand and many companies invest heavily in creating a logo design that will help them differentiate from the competition. A good company logo design improves the brand recognition in the following ways:

Create associations

Business logos create clear associations with the brands’ values and missions. For your business a strong company logo design is a reflection of what you stand for and what you are striving to become. It becomes an association between the name of your brand and its core values. Once the brand popularity starts growing the logo becomes a synonym of the brand name and reflection of quality, improving the trust people have in your business.

Create emotional connections

The well designed logo has the power to make an emotional connection with the customers. On a most basic level we see a logo and we immediately evaluate it. Does it look professionally made or not, does it have an appealing design or not, have we heard about the brand before.

All of these questions come to mind even without us fully realising it and help us in shortening our decision making process. Simplest example is going to a supermarket and choosing a bottle of wine or chocolate with a fancier looking logo and design to something much simpler and unappealing. This holds true for any brand in any industry and therefore the logo helps us evaluate the options we have much faster.

Engage the customer attention

An eye catching logo design is a guarantee for customer engagement. The company logo design affects people both consciously and subconsciously. When a customer is browsing through products and brands he is taking into account the corporate logo, brand name and reputation which altogether help him/her to make a conscious and informed decision.

On the other hand, business logos are often recalled subconsciously by the customers. Especially when shopping you are more willing to buy a brand you have used before and you were satisfied with, rather than try a new one. In that case the company logo design works as a subconscious reminder that you have used the brand before, and brings out the associations you made with it. In this way the corporate logo effectively engaging the customers’ both consciously and subconsciously.

Professional presentation

Many people underestimate the effect a well-design corporate logo could have. This becomes clear once we need to make a decision. Try to recall a situation in which you are looking for a particular product and you see it among its brand competitors. The logo looks unprofessional and plain and the design is unappealing compared to the other alternatives.

Most people will question the quality and reliability of the brand compared to its competitors. After all if a company does not invest in having a professional brand image, how could the customer be sure they invest in product quality? That is why a professionally made company logo design is essential for any brand.

These four factors work together to improve the brand overall recognition and affect the customers’ choice.


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