Expert Guide to Optimizing Your Business at Every Level

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Expert Guide to Optimizing Your Business at Every Level

Some Astonishing Technological Solutions

If you want your business to be more competitive than peers, and to increase profitability, you’re going to need to remain on the cutting edge when it comes to technology. Today there are quite a few different ways you can do that, and some will fit your business better than others. Following, several will be explored.


Modern Innovations Are Integral

Cloud computing is fundamentally transforming business. If you’re not able to outsource internal networks to the cloud entirely, there are additionally a large number of applications you can put to use. Still, this may represent the least part of utility which comes from cloud innovation solutions.


While you can certainly save much money and optimize operations through cloud apps, with the cloud fully integrated into your operations, you have an opportunity to entirely outsource your internal technology needs, saving tens of thousands annually.


Internet of Things (IoT) innovation in conjunction with cloud computing is providing corporations the world over with Big Data analytics that could be achieved no other way. For example, IoT devices on tractor-trailers can monitor transit routes and mileage, helping to identify more cost-effective shipping strategies. This can save millions annually, depending on the size of the company.


On the production side of things, IoT can monitor machine functionality and help to identify practices that may be operationally redundant, again helping to save money. IoT solutions can also help you to remotely monitor and maintain infrastructure. For example, you can control the heating or cooling functions of a building with the swipe of a smartphone. This can be integral in maximizing maintenance costs.


Additionally, through the cloud you can “float” a given office. Instead of employees being required to occupy a 9-to-5 desk position, they can use their own device wherever they have an internet connection and turn in certain assignments by previously established times. This frees up your equipment and office rental costs, and your employees’ time and transit expenses.


In the end, such a “Bring Your Own Device”, or BYOD, solution has advantages for all. With the cloud, such solutions can be securely managed over a network which consolidates platforms into a single solution. This is often done through DaaS, or Desktop as a Service.


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Beyond the Cloud

But cloud computing is only one aspect of technological innovation that can save thousands of dollars—even millions—for businesses large and small on an annual basis. Something else that is incredibly effective right now pertains to website design. The more professionalized and organically effective a given site, the more profitable it will be.


As it turns out, there are many aspects to the design of your page which often go unconsidered. Color schemes, graphics, the way the eye tracks across the page, what kind of coding is used to design that page, whether it is configured for mobile devices—the list goes on.


For a close example, certain design components for services page needs differentiate them from product-centric selling pages.


This means if you don’t design your page right, you could see a substantial reduction in profitability over time—something surely intolerable. But while we’re on web pages, here’s a question many businesses fail to answer: are you maximizing your spending effectively? E-commerce may be costing you more than you need to pay.


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E-Commerce, SEO, and Implications

When it comes to e-commerce, Magento is a powerful strategy to consider; especially given the proliferation of this platform. You’ll need a helping hand with handling Magento though, and it’s best you hire an expert agency such as Lilo to help you out.


If a digital transaction costs your business $1 to make, and there are a hundred transactions like that a day, you’re spending $100 on processing fees alone daily. If you can cut that down just by 33.3%, you could save more than $12k annually. Consolidating expenses in this digital realm is integral to profitability.


One last thing to consider when you go about totally optimizing your business is SEO marketing. An important aspect of modern business is securing online marketing solutions which properly use data. SEO is great for this; there are quite a few in-built analytics to parse through and apply, and you can get a real idea of what is actually effective.


Between SEO, e-commerce reductions, professionally-informed website design, and cloud computing, you can save quite a lot of money. So don’t leave it on the table through lack of investigation.