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Customised business logos for your brand

Customised business logos for your brand

Creating a logo for your business is not an easy task. Your logo must convey emotions to your target market, as well as provide enough information about your company so that it is easily recognised and remembered by your customers.

It can also include text or a tagline, depending on the situation. With these and many other considerations to make, you would have probably found out already that you cannot create a logo design by yourself, but you will have to hire a professional logo designer. Here is where we step in, to help your business grow and to give a recognisable identity to your brand.

All our clients receive a logo only after they are completely satisfied with the design, which is in the centre of our success! You can check some of our company logo designs in our website.

At Repeat Logo we offer logos for sale with an easy design and ordering process: choose one of our packages, tell us your requirements, make an order, choose one of the logo concepts we send you, give us your feedback, apply unlimited free logo revisions to the logo suggestion you have chosen, and get your final logo in your email with print ready files in GIF, TIF, and many other formats! And all of it, in 4 to 5 business days! Following these steps we will make sure that your business logo design is a complete success.

Choose one of Our Packages

We offer a variety of services for you and your business. Among our packages you can find our Pro Package for only £39, which includes 3 logo concepts from us and 3 logo revisions to ensure all your requirements are met. Our Advanced Package includes 5 logo revisions, but in this case we will provide you with 5 logo concepts, for only £99. Finally, our Enterprise Package includes a variety of services that will make your business logo design a success: for only £149 you will receive 8 logo concepts, unlimited revisions of these concepts, and a complete stationery kit.

Note that in addition to our Pro and Advanced Packages offer, for an additional £45, you can include customised stationery and professional business cards.

Thus, our logo design packages offer you different alternatives in terms of what your corporate strategy needs and what suits your budget. Whatever you need in terms of logo design we can help you. All you need to do is tell us your requirements and we will customise your logo to meet your needs!

What are your Requirements?

Once you have decided on one of our packages, our professional logo designers will need more information about your company. In particular, we will need to know the industry in which your company competes or will compete, your corporate goals and your target market. More importantly, any requirements you have that are specific for your business logo design are important to us. If you have a preference for certain colours, you want a specific style being textual or graphical, or you have thought about a slogan or tagline to be included in your logo, please let us know.

Last, but not least, our professional logo designers have to know what emotions you want to evoke with your business logo design. Do you want it to be feminine, fun and modern, or masculine, serious and simple?

You can choose the emotions you want your logo to convey to your target audience and target market from the list in our logo design brief and, if you have any other comments, you can always leave these as additional comments. Examples of these include explaining to our professional logo designers in more detail what you really want to achieve with your final logo.

You might, however, not know how your logo should look like, but do not worry! In this case you will need to give us enough information about your company, the industry it plays in, and what it stands for, and our professional logo designers will provide you with logo concepts that fit with the sector your company competes in, so you can choose the ones that suit you best.

Make an Order

After deciding on a logo package and completing our logo design brief, you are ready to make an order and buy a logo from us. If, after filling our design brief, you think about anything else to add or have any extra requirements, you can contact us through our email. You will also be able to communicate with the project manager assigned to you in order to receive and give feedback.

After your order and payment, we aim to send you your logo concepts in the next 2 business days. The whole process should take no more than 3 to 4 business days, in normal circumstances.

Select a concept from our logo suggestions

Once you have chosen one of our packages, you have provided us with the necessary information to create a perfect logo for you, and you have made an order, it will be time for us to provide you with our logo suggestions and concepts. We will send you our logo concepts within 24 hours for you to choose one of them.

We want you to be satisfied with the whole logo design process, so we appreciate your feedback. In fact, all our packages include unlimited logo revisions, meaning that, once you have chosen one of our logo concepts, you can give suggestions about changes in, for example, the style or the colours used in the logo design. .

Give us your feedback

At Repeat Logo we rely on your opinions, thoughts and feedback in order to create the perfect logo design for your business. This is why we welcome continuous communication between you and your project manager. If you have any additional suggestions, comments or changes to make, or would like to advise us on a change of style, colours, or any other characteristic of your chosen logo concept all you need to do is let us know.

All of our packages include free unlimited logo revisions, so we will keep on working until we complete the logo design project. For us, it is central that you are satisfied with our work!

Receive your finished Logo

When your logo design project is finished, we will send you the finished logo and print ready files to your email address. Print ready files will be in many different formats to suit your needs: Adobe Illustrator, GIF (72 dpi), RGB JPG (150 dpi), EPS, CMYK TIF (300 dpi), or any other format that you may need! Just ask us for it and we will make sure you receive your logos in the formats your business requires them.

Work with Repeat Logo

At Repeat Logo we offer you and your business logos for sale in a simple and easy way. Choosing one of our packages will give you a number of logo concepts created by our professional logo designers, as well as unlimited free logo revisions for the concept you have chosen. If you choose our professional Enterprise Package you will also have a complete stationery kit included.

Once you have chosen a package you will just need to fill out our logo design brief, to let us know everything about your company and your logo preferences. However, if you are not sure how your logo should look like do not worry, as our professional logo designers can offer you some logo concepts to fit the sector or industry your company competes in.

After you make an order and payment is received we aim to have your logo concepts ready in 24 hours. You will then need to choose among one of these logo suggestions, and, with unlimited logo revisions, your feedback, and the internal communication with our project manager assigned to your account, we will deliver the best possible logo design to you! Once you are satisfied with the final design, the logo design project will be completed and we will send you print ready files (in Adobe Illustrator, GIF, TIF, JPG, or any other format you would like) to the email address provided.

Buy a logo

Work with Repeat Logo now and we will deliver you in a few steps and within 4 or 5 business days the perfect logo for you. With us you can make your own logo and buy logo designs in an efficient and reliable way.

Contact us now if you need more information or check our website, where you will find information about all of our packages and you can quickly make your order. Alternatively, if you have any issues or need any assistance you can contact us through our email address. If you are ready to create your own customised logo design, we are ready to help!