Why Colour Matters In Your Logo Design

When you are looking to improve on your branding, designing a new logo and scheme for your brand is crucially important to get right. Why? Your customers will be more likely to remember your company with an effective brand, and it is known that customers are 80% more likely to remember a brand simply by colour alone. When you think of red and white, there is a certain drinks company that comes to mind. The same could be able to be said about your business – should you choose the right colours.

There are ways to ensure you choose the right logo for your business. Understanding design and brand application are all at the top of your list, but the colours you pick can be far more intuitive for your customers than you may have first thought.

Increasing Brand Recognition

Aiming for that 80% brand recognition can be a steep climb, but it is true that colour enhances customers’ perception of your business and aims in recognition. When trying to find a website or brand we cannot remember the name of, it is often a familiar logo that brings around the recognition we seek. Customers need to have a way to remember you that goes beyond words. People are visual by nature, so playing to this instinct could help with increasing brand visibility.

If you are looking to promote your business through various online applications, for example with unique images or infographics, having a stand-out logo can make all the difference in attracting the right customers. Put your name to your hard work, and allow readers on other platforms the ability to start recognising your businesses as a familiar, reliable face of information in your field.

Colours Promote Different Values

You may not realise it at first, but colour has the potential to bring across the kind of company you are trying to be. For example, a company that is an eco-friendly business would tend towards a green logo. An outdoor adventure company who specialise in kayaking and ocean-going activities may prefer something blue. It is up to you in the end to choose the correct colour scheme, and there is no right or wrong answer.

  • Cool Colours

Most cool colours give a more masculine feel for some, and can come across as cold. On the other hand, cool blues also represent trust and loyalty. Have you ever noticed that three of the largest social media websites all have blue and white logos? This can be down to the association of blue with reliability and security.

  • Warm Colours

These colours promote the most energy. Warm colours can also give an idea of the brand being warmer itself. Companies providing heating services may want to take note of using reds, yellows or oranges. A company that wants to promote itself as having a lot of energy and vigour may want to primarily focus on red. Be careful, though. Red is notoriously recognised as a violent, angry colour, and overuse could promote the wrong idea in your brand. Mix it up with some lighter oranges and pinks!

  • Neutral Colours

These colours are those that fit well between the warm and cool colours that are the prominent feature of your logo. They are usually not meant to be eye-catching, which is why you should try to aim for a brighter colour as your logo base. White and grey are clean, reliable colours that would make a logo background look professional and secure.

Colours Relate to Your Product and Customers

Above all, ensure that the colours you choose relate to your product and to the potential customers you are aiming to attract. A company aiming to promote security services for older clients would be far less likely to use bright, warm reds. Be aware of colour in your design and ensure that it is not too overwhelming for your overall brand.

Colour is one of the most important aspects your design can have. Sometimes, a little less is more. Two or three colours to a logo can be more effective than those that try to be too inclusive of more colours. The most recognisable brands today utilise colour well – and your brand colour do the same. Increase your brand visibility with a superior quality logo.