Colour Branding and Business Logo Design

Business Logo Design is more important than ever; your logo is now being used in a variety of online platforms from your website to your social media accounts.

When designing your business logo have a think about your overall brand image especially thinking about colour. What colour would help display your organisation’s personality?

So what makes a good business logo? Read on to find out what you need to know about logo design.

What Colour should I Use for My Logo?

Did you know that Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%? Think about brands like Coca Cola and Virgin. They use Red to symbolise their brands passion and drive.

Virgin is a great example of a brand who has taken the colour of their logo and applied it to their branding as a whole. From staff uniform to the design of their trains, Richard Branson had used the colour of Red to capture Virgins passionate business ethic.

Yellow is another popular colour choice for business as it radiates positivity. It is also known as happy colour and is used by big corporations such as McDonald’s and Ikea. Yellow has connotations that suggest if you shop with this brand that you will enjoy the experience and leave feeling better due to your experience with the brand.

Does my Business Logo Design Need to Be One Colour?

No! Think about multi-channel organisations such as EBay and Google who use colour to express their company’s diversity.

Unlike Virgin who uses one colour and has multiple brand extensions, EBay uses multiple colours to signify that they sell a wide range of products. Similar Google now has a search engine, drive function and social media platform.

Logo and Web Design Go Together!

Love at first sight is real when it comes to online browsing Much like a logo your web design is front door to your brand! To enhance your business’ selling potential you must ensure that your appearance and functionality online is maximised to its full potential. Here is why it is so important to use your logo on your business website and social media platforms.

  • 48% of browsers believe a website’s design is the top factor in deciding the credibility of a business
  • 94% of mistrusted or rejected a website due to its design (was there logo clear enough?!)
  • 62% of companies who designed their website for mobile platforms seen increasing selling and even better results for tablets at 64%!
  • Colour is just as important in web design as it can boost web recognition by 80%.


Colour and Brand Recognition

As discussed some of the biggest brands in the world use just one colour to represent their brand. Colourless logos can work for bigger brands like Chanel and Adidas but if you are really wanting to catch your customers eye a colour could be the best way to go!

When thinking about a brand we will often visualise their business logo and a recognisable image is what us as customers will begin to remember. Humans, especially creatives are visual by nature, therefore logo design should target instinct to increase brand visibility.

If you are currently promoting your business via online applications like infographics, be sure to have your logo standing out, this can be done by changing the background of the infographic to a contrasting colour or to either black or white.

Choosing a Colour for Your Logo

Remember, Colour if not the most, but one of the most important factors of brand recognition – just imagine the McDonald’s M in black!

Don’t overdo it, try to stick to a few colours at most. Google has one of the most recognisable logos in the world and they try to have fun with their logo daily using colour and design daily to change up their design.

Still unsure about what colour is best for your logo design? Contact us today and we would be happy to discuss what logo design is best for your business. You don’t always have to get it right first time with logo design and adaption could be all you need to see better business results.