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Business WordPress Websites: Dos and Don’ts

WordPress is the online platform of choice for many people. It provides flexibility, a whole range of community support, is fairly simple to navigate and is a free and open source for creating a website. It is perfect for basic blogging about hobbies and interests, but is also highly suitable for businesses, whether you are just starting out or already have a developed, up and running company. If you are just beginning to think about creating a WordPress website for your business or have been using the platform for a while, these dos and don’ts could help push your website and business into success.

Do Use Consistent Branding

You need to be recognisable and consistent. Make sure your logo is clearly displayed on each of your pages and that you use the same size text, font style, colours, and formatting across the board. This creates a professional and clean look to your website. Consistent branding also includes how and when you post, including the time of day, but also the tone of voice you use.

Don’t Publish Irrelevant Content

You must post content that is relevant to your brand and business. People need to be sure of the kind of information they are going to find on your website. If your product or service is food based, don’t be posting anything about fashion. Stay focused.

Do Keep it Simple

Websites that are hard to navigate are not going to visited more than once. If it is difficult to find information, people will be put off from visiting your website and using your product or service, which is the exact opposite of what you want. Keep it simple and easy so there is no frustration or hassle involved.

Don’t Do it Alone

If you are not clued up on how to effectively maintain a WordPress website or you simply do not have the time to keep up with posts, updates and edits, look for suitable WordPress maintenance packages. If you need a dedicated web team, ALT agency will be on call to update your website whenever you need, however you want, ensuring that all the critical technical work is covered so you have a smooth and effective WordPress website.

Do Connect with Clients and Customers

Customers are the lifeline of a business; they are what drives it to success or failure. Your WordPress website is the perfect platform to interact and connect with your customers online. Provide them with the means to contact you easily, but also allow them to leave comments, share and interact with your content to increase your exposure.

Don’t Forget the Power of SEO

Search engine optimisation is one of the most useful tools when marketing a business website of any kind, not just WordPress. SEO uses keywords to improve content relevance and popularity, making the posts and website easier to access and ranked higher by search engines. This will expand exposure and brand visibility, which in turn leads to a higher customer base.

For businesses, WordPress is a really useful tool that will help you market your service or product, improve brand awareness and allow you to interact with and update customers.