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As a business owner, you are constantly analysing and re-analysing your marketing strategies, the quality behind your services and almost every other aspect of your business. Even though it’s apparent what you are doing is working…


It would still be nice to know what your actual customers think about your business. After all, hubris can be a harsh aspect for any entrepreneur.  The good news is that is why customer feedback exists. Of course, you want quality feedback that is relevant, right? Otherwise – it becomes pointless. The good news is through this article we plan to outline 5 easy ways to help you get accurate detailed feedback from customers to help you develop your brand and grow your business.

There are many nerve-wracking moments in the life of a parent. From the moment you find out you’re expecting, your entire world morphs into a chaotic, stressful, beautiful mess. It doesn’t get easier when they’re born, defenceless and small. But there are also endless gloriously bitter-sweet moments that follow. When they first laugh and talk and walk, and get hurt and learn new things. These are the moments that make up their life, and of the more impressionable moments is when they go to university. But for that to happen, they need to get into university. Because let’s face it as sad as it is for you to send your sweet baby off – it’s sadder if they stay (For say, forever). So here are a few ways to help your kid rock his/her university applications:

In terms of branding and positioning your restaurant in the market, designing a unique and attractive logo which is consistent with your brand offering and identity is one of the most crucial elements.

This is even more important when dealing with an overcrowded and competitive market but also when trying to create a brand which will reach far and wide.
Creating a unique and distinct logo that will stay with your customers long after they have left your restaurant should be a high priority for any new restauranteur looking to make their mark – both in a local or global market.

Designing Your Restaurant Logo

Your logo should make customers want to visit and eat; it should be desirable and sought after. Many worldwide brands are known purely by their logo, even by people who have never dined in one of their restaurants. Thanks to social media it is now easier than ever for your restaurant’s logo to reach customers instantaneously – which means it has never been so important to get it right!

Already have a logo but feel it isn’t doing your restaurant justice or isn’t attracting potential customers? Creating a new design and identity for your restaurant logos can be a daunting thought, but it could be what is needed to turn your quiet, outdated eatery into one of the hottest new spots.

We’ve all heard about WordPress themes, but what about child themes? For many, that could easily be a new term, but it’s something anyone well versed in web development and web design should be comfortable with. Implementing them is fairly simple, but they offer a huge amount of freedom when it comes to customizing and tweaking your theme. For example, websites based around mug design may use an overarching theme for the website, but alter the general design for each page.

Join us as we look at the purpose of parent and child themes, and how you can leverage child themes to take full control of your web design.