Chalk board with "feedback" written across it targeting audience

5 Simple Ways to Get Feedback from Your Target Audience

As a business owner, you are constantly analysing and re-analysing your marketing strategies, the quality behind your services and almost every other aspect of your business. Even though it’s apparent what you are doing is working…


It would still be nice to know what your actual customers think about your business. After all, hubris can be a harsh aspect for any entrepreneur.  The good news is that is why customer feedback exists. Of course, you want quality feedback that is relevant, right? Otherwise – it becomes pointless. The good news is through this article we plan to outline 5 easy ways to help you get accurate detailed feedback from customers to help you develop your brand and grow your business.


Customer Feedback Surveys Are the Way to Go


Our first option for collecting feedback is actually pretty obvious. Customer service feedback is great because it gives you the opportunity to get positive criticism from any customers who may be disgruntled.


It helps you work on your strengths, and figure out your weaknesses as it were. What you may not know is there are actually two different types of surveys. Long-form surveys, and shorter site-based surveys.


Long-Form Surveys

The process behind making surveys is actually relatively simple. You just need to find a great company to partner with to help you create the online survey. From there, you can go ahead and distribute it to your follower base.


That means through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – and any other digital assets you have for distribution. The biggest problem that most surveys face is a low or poor quality response rate. So how on Earth can you ensure this does not happen?

Hand choosing a five star rating as part of a target audience feedback review

Keep It Short – Sweet – To the Point

It is important to remember that your target market may not have 10-hours to fill out a 24 page biography of your company.


The point of a survey is to identify key strengths and weaknesses in your business, which is why you want to keep it really short.


Do some brainstorming to figure out anywhere between 8-10 crucial questions that could really benefit your business in the long-run. This could be new products/services, current products or current service weaknesses – here is a list of potential questions that you can ask.


Open Ended Questions Are the Way to Go


Nowadays, I am seeing more and more multiple choice surveys. Rating scales are just another way to restrict positive feedback from customers.


If you really want to maximize the benefit of customer feedback – give them the option to surprise you with question types that encourage them to give more information. Although, it does create more diversity – it could also give you feedback that genuinely helps you improve certain aspects of your business.

Hand held satisfaxction survey for target audience

Shorter Surveys on Your Website

The other option that you have for surveys is genuinely found on a unique landing page on the brand website. It’s important to not jab, jab – punch your customers with long-form surveys when they click on your website (it’s surely a way to say goodbye to any leads.) What I would suggest here is think about 2-3 critical questions of your business. In fact, you could even take 3 top questions from your long-form survey for this one. Have a little pop up that comes up after 5-10 minutes of lingering on the site, hey presto – it’s as easy as that? How do you get something on your website like this you ask? Here are a couple of great services that you can try out.